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    Hi Everyone:

    I was asked to post about my thoughts about Atlas Signal System. I love it! It works by drawing currant from the tracks. You MUST have the tracks set in electrical block format. This goes for DCC!

    You can 'program' the signals by moving jumpers around. There is even an "aux" output in which you can connect another LED or 5vdc relay. This is ideal for a railroad crossing. Can you use other signals? Yes you can. You must have a common anode connection. You also must be able to connect a J type telephone connector.

    Using the Altas connecting cable (a telephone line extension) you make the signals 'talk' to each other! I haven't done this yet.

    Over all performace is GREAT! I believe it is simple for a beginner. It is fun for an advance person! The only draw back is they only use G type signals. Then again, I don't really care. The Rock Island did used them extensively on their lines!


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    Thanks Andy!
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    I just saw these in person today. All I can say is WOW! The detail is fantastic. The first thing I did was to get on The Gauge and see what, if anything, others had to say. I could easily see adding these to my layout. Now admittedly, I haven't done much homework on these yet, but when you say they use a block format, can these be actuated indepently with switches or more to the point occupancy sensors?
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    The occupancy sensor, is the reason you need a "blocked" format. It provides the "trigger" to change the signal. By having signals "talk to each other", you can have a block's signal show occupancy, then occupancy of the next block, then clear. Generally, you would need end of train detection (resistive paint on an axle, or some form of current draw at the end of the train, such as track powered EOT device).
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