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    Wiki page with basic data on the PL42AC:

    As that page says, those were built starting in 2004. The only railroad to operate them is New Jersey Transit. NJT uses them to haul commuter trains. I think they purchased around 30 or so locomotives.

    Word from some NJT engineers is that the PL42ACs do have some bugs (which is not unique among most new-production locomotives), such as sudden power cutout (and have it come back on suddenly). Aside from that, I haven't heard much about them.

    Personally, I wonder why NJT didn't just go for General Electric AMD103s... It would have been cheaper and easier to maintain since other railroads also use a large number of AMD103s (Amtrak, Metro North, and VIA Canada).
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    Because they wanted AC units and the P42 is DC only (unless you opted for the P42AC-DM 3rd rail unit...)
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    Funny thing is, Amtrak has mothballed its ENTIRE fleet of P40DCs... They are sitting in storage at Wilmington in Delaware. NJT could have picked up that entire fleet (around 30 locos) for much cheaper than buying the PL42AC.

    Then again, Noo Joiseyers are paying some of the highest property taxes in the nation, so who am I to tell them how to balance their budget LOL.. :D
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    LOL do NOT get me started on government and their budgets....

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