Allied X-Crafts

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  1. Lex

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    Ah... I was hoping for cross-sections or cockpit :D Never mind ^O^
  2. There is a YB 49 from Paper Trade ( It's my avatar)
    Planes Jets & Modern
    Cheers, Billy
  3. Hello Nobi ( and others) To make it more easy I've put what I got on my 'iDisk'
    with the little gray arrows you can download the pictures..
    .Mac - iDisk
    Cheers, Billy
  4. NOBI

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    Hi Bill,

    This 3 ways look good but there is no bottom view :( I can't figure out about that section. Do you have more?
  5. And maybe this helps, the wings and landing gear are identical to the XF-84H

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  6. zot

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    Don't get me started when it comes to my list of wanted X-planes. It's WAAAAYY too long. (Hughes XF-11 for a start) But as long as we're talking jets with props...what about the XF-88B?

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  7. zot

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    BTW: Roman, I think the Fo117 would be really cool. I meant to add that in my last post.

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