All what you want to know about the North cavalry during the Civil War

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    Well I know someplace I will be spending hours at. I am a complete Civil War geek. I find it a fascinating and horrifying time. I wish I could hold a thought for more than five minutes and remember all the details, like some do, I just am not built that way. I also detest having to experience President Lincoln's assassination, which is always the conclusion of any History Special, it angers me to the core of my being. Looking at a site where you can concentrate on certain other aspects is nice for a change. Thanks!
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    Hi Zathros,

    Even if I'm not american people, I share your point of view. This website shows only the units without hatred. I know that the subject is sensititive in the States.

    If I do comments, it's just about uniforms or military operations.
    This war was the first modern conflict in the XIXth century. The train was used in order to move troops. For the first time, telegraph was used and the first armored boats appeared.

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    It's only an issue when people speak with consideration of the fact that everyone who died was America. and human. When I was in England, some people there spoke laughingly about it and mocked President Lincoln, I was very young but then anger that welled up inside was something knew, a sense of national pride that I had never expressed before, and I went off!!

    However, knowing you as I do, i doubt that is something anyone has to worry about! :)
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    Thanks for the site. I like to scratch build Civil War items and some of the schematics are very helpful in the making of these,
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    Hola Silveroxide, I hope all is well with you and you are safe! :)
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    Hi Silver,

    I'm happy if you can find something that can help you on this website in order to build artillery set or others. I've seen and I appreciate the quality of your models, the gatling for example.

    Have a nice WE
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    Well the weather is starting to change and it was really a cool day today. Very un-eventful day thank God for that. Just a little longer and I should be back to model building form next year.

    I am glad that you like my Gatling, I am planning on doing a remake of it and making it compatible with the Limber and Caisson unit I built ealier. The harnassing of the horse comes in handy, since I plan on doing a series on saddles in the future, along with the rest of the Tack that goes with it. I am not doing much model building right now but I am accumulating ideas for the future. See you all around the forums.

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