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    It doesn't. I think the wait was worth it. Very Nice Work!
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    I forgot to answer about the sizes question- Each is being designed for model sizes in the neighborhood of 10"w x 20"l, once these detail large versions are all done I am going to pick either the galaxy or soverign to be a set scale and generate slightly "lower tech" versions of all the others in the same scale to make the complete set. the smaller the model the less detail will remain, but thats the price to pay- even at the 10x20 size for galaxy, the nx for example would be considered by me to go in a tiny build category...
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    Hi Oylpslyk, as a newbie to this area of modelling and forum, i would just like to say what a brilliant job you are doing, and the NX-01 looks fantastic, though i think i need to get a few more models under my belt before i can attempt to do justice to your work, as i only finished my first model last night(an AT-AT for my son, posted a pic in the gallery ), currently trying to build the USS Reliant and eventually hope to make as much of Starfleet as i can. Your models look fantastic and are eagerly awaited, especially the Enterprise B and C, Keep up the excellent work, its because of superb models like yours i got into card modelling and intend to keep doing them as long as i can.:grin: :-D
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    Okay, stupid question, but I'm inexperienced and jumping right into the NX-01. Where do the "J" ring plates go? It looks like they go under the top side of the saucer, but is this right? Should the printed side face the top or the bottom?

    I am loving this model so far! I printed out the color and the "white" versions on A4 and a color on cardstock so I can chose my strength per part, or layer it if I need more. I also printed out a color version as a "parts guide" so I can track what I've placed or cut out.

    Can't wait for the B & C. BTW- which one IS next?
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    Enterprise Bridge Model Dimensions

    The original model (1:50 scale) is 7.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall. I have rescaled it to 1:25 and the PDF is designed to be printed on 11 x 17 or A4 cardstock. Because I don't have access to a printer that will handle paper of hat size, I have not built one myself (but I have e-mailed the model to others to build). The size of the rescaled bridge should be 15 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall.

    The beta version is available at:

    Best to all,
    Ron Caudillo
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    Never mind about my last post. After looking at the ship diagrams a little more closely, I see where the J rings go. Sorry about that!
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    glad you found them... im still workin on instructions.

    as for which one is next probably B, but im working on getting basic designs on all completed before i start generating parts on it, it is about 99% ready to part though, heres a look at it with some experimental graphix

    View attachment 6124

    you almost cant tell its been morphed to fit paper construction with the radial and fold lines removed.

    and here is a look at just how the diff models will compare... 1st is alll at same scale, 2nd is how im sizing them for the matched size set- hope this answers the scales questions.

    View attachment 6125
    View attachment 6126

    all the shown models except for the galaxy are in paper construction format design, the galaxy im still transforming.

    and i am revising the NX beta, ive found a few more things to change and im going through working on the paintjob, and the next version will also include the alternate universe/evil paint scheme.!!:twisted:

    feel free to post any more construction questions, ill try to respond quicker.

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    before i forget again

    i still want to add a few enemy vessels to the list later.
    wich would you rather see,

    an old klingon -warbird or d7?
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    Out of this world

    :-D I just wanted to say that the Enterprise B pic you posted looked out of this world, are the sizes posted on the pic going to be the size of the finished model ?:twisted: :twisted: I am practicing on various builds every day, just so I can have a go at your models, and try to do them justice:oops: Keep up the excellent work as many of us are waiting like vultures for your next one:-D :-D
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    if you notice in all 3 of the pdfs i generated them on monster paper sizes, they are all actual scale to what my models will be.

    on the B file the paintjob has was only rushwork to be honest, i just added it to the model a few days ago to see how it would look. a lot of it is just beefed up linetypes-and therefore looks like crayons goin over the line from a distance, but since the cad transfers to pdf so well you can just zoom in to see the detail more clearly.

    So i suppose thats just a long-winded yes to your question!:roll: HeeHee
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    Sovereign Class

    I don't know if any of you are aware of this, but there's an excellent paper model of the Sovereign Class at

    Just click on the Star Trek link on the left and you'll find Sovereign, Defiant, Sabre and Intrepid. They all seem to be scaled at the same ratio

    I hope this helps!
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    Hey, OylPslyk-
    I'm still working on the upper and lower saucer sections of the NX-01. Do you suggest putting in any kind of supports on the inside before putting the "I" ring parts in or should it all hold together as is. I haven't placed the large rectangular bridge plate on the top, but I'm getting a little caving in on the top piece- not worried about it too much since I still have to put that big rectangle in there, but I want this to be right as I can get it so I thought I'd ask your advice. Thanks!
  15. OylPslyk

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    I reccoment you fudge in some kind of reinforcements just to hold the top up, i havent added any yet-but i am planning to add some sort of skeleton to it. the lower hull should be rather rigid from all the layers that make it.

    I just put the finishing touches on my tie fighter project to get that off my plate, and am now going to finish (FINALLY) building my own.
    once thats done ill post any updated pages i need to, and will try to include the stiffeners.
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    More Build Pics

    I thought that I had posted some of this last time, sorry.

    Before the pics I want to tell you all that I've taken a lil backstep in the design process of all the rest of the models, (dont worry, its not that big a step!).
    I have changed my design process by building from the "inside out"....
    I'm now making my designs based on what an internal deck layout would look like - it helps make a lot more sense of where things should be located...

    only the first 5 are ready enough to show, they are about 80%-90% finished.
    I've done a lil creative packaging with them 8) the Enterprises.pdf

    Now on to the Build-ups
    First is just a lil helper in case there are any more questions about the saucer rim... Rim.pdf


    next is the build-up of the Bridge,and then the Engineering pod. Pod.pdf


    I hope to finish the model this weekend, then I will post final beta pics and get down to making revisions, :cry: Ive found plenty goofs ! :cry:

    oh well, thats all for now!:twisted:
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    ive gotten some mail from a cople folks who say the embedded fonts in the pdf's arent working right and are being substituted with defaults, anyone else have that problem? ill supply the fonts if nessesary

    BTW, 1701-B is about 95% done, will be ready in a few days
    (its a freakin monster though, over 28" long - it print/scales easily though, it doesnt have the tiny parts the nx did.)
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    Man, you're killing me, news news news!!!:twisted: :grin:
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    Sorry for the delay!!!

    I did have the B model finished, buuuut- i finally decided to spend some money on this project. I have accumulated enourmouse amounts of info, pictures, plan sets and such as reference material for this but i went out and bought almost an entire shelf-ful of dvds to clear up a bunch of maybes that i kept fudging in on all my designs, and after about a week and a half of taking screencaps and stuff im back to work.

    since 5 of the first 6 movies all center around the refit/A ship I went back to working on it first... here is the revised drawings....

    View attachment 9520
    1 note about this ship I was suprised about-- on screen the color always seems washed out shades of grey, but the ILM models WERE painted this way with all the shades of blue. it looks pretty neat in full color.

    The B model revision is almost complete, and the model will be adjusted shortly, also an Excelsior-NX & NCC versions are also almost done.

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