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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by OylPslyk, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    Spent this week detailing A to match the models, and detailing.....and detailing.....
    and detailing.....
    and detailing.....
    and detailing.....
    and detailing.....
    and detailing.....
    almost finished, just a lil more work to do on the nacelles., the model beta will be ready as soon as those graphics are finished.

    View attachment 10671
  2. Jaybats

    Jaybats Member

    Your Enterprise-A's shaping up to be a great model! Bravo on the graphics!

    Meantime, here's the proof that the future Enterprise's nacelles are aligned, and every fan-made drawing is wrong... the first view is the 3D model in Orthographic View, while the second is the same model in Perspective View. See the difference that perspective makes? Compare the Perspective View it with the photo of the actual model.
  3. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    You can also see in that side-view pic on the first page that the tip of the bulge on top of the port warp engine is further forward than the one on the starboard engine, indicationg that the model is tilted to the right about, oh, 15 degrees or so.
  4. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    I know what you mean about the details on the Enterprise A, I'm quite handy with an airbrush and so was asked by a friend to paint his fabulously made, lit and large Polar lights plastic kit. I remember taking a look at the 'Aztec' pattern guide where you were required to replicate the hull pattern of the studio model with horrendously intricate masking and various matte and gloss glazes on a pure white base. I was like Sorry buddy but bugger that!
  5. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    All Good Things Enterprise

    Looked at my "Johnny Lightning" Die-cast model of the AGT Enterprise last night and it too has the third nacelle aligned with the other two.
  6. panzer

    panzer Member

    Yep, you're obviously right. But not only every fan-made drawing is wrong, even the "canon" Star Trek Fact Files show the nacelles further forward. Here you can see scans of the ortographic views. Funny to see how a fandom mistake finds its way back to "official" Star Trek...:)
  7. Jaybats

    Jaybats Member

  8. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Despite being insulted on a Scifi Digital modeling site ... I got a link to ex-astris

    It's interesting that there are no multiple shots of one model to indicate the nacelle's placement but I must say I am going with the midship nacelle being 'inline' with port and starboard and the central pylon being more forward.
  9. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    Everybody- I have collected the 'star trek fact files' that was released here in the UK. If anyone wants me to have a look for photo's let me know. As long as it's not breaking copyright ( i.e. don't put on website's etc) I will scan and email pictures for modeling use.

    I guess that most of the photos are out on the internet anyway.
  10. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    Great observations folks.
    I've left off most of the aztec, and other hull plate differentials.............
    it just kept being too much of a hassle with all the different colors rendering over and over... there is a TON of further detail on the secondary hull especially, but ive left most of that off as well.
    Once i finsh this one and a few other models i may come back to the plans a flush them out with decks and all, but im sure ill have some other project going by then............:twisted:

    A model is alllllmost ready:-D 8) ,finished part layout for the nacelles today, there a whole foot long!

    heres the final schematic version.
    View attachment 10817

    and also plain ortho views, a lil larger
    View attachment 10818
    View attachment 10819
    View attachment 10820
    View attachment 10821

    im also pleased to say that my drawings will be used on the EAS website,
    I know this has been an invaluable resourse in this project!

    Ill post images of the model layout soon.
  11. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    Argh!!! i forgot... I'm still having trouble with fonts embedding in the pdf's properly....
    here are the fonts used in the A files.
    View attachment 10822
  12. Jaybats

    Jaybats Member

    Dunno if this will help or delay your project, but there's thread on where someone has posted orthos of the Enterprise based on the CG model used by Foundation Imaging in the ST:TMP Director's Special Edition DVD. it includes the texture maps of the aztec patterns on the hull.
  13. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    That was me, but once again, small minds got the thread shut down and the pictures removed, however, I have already corresponded my willingness to work with Oyl and provide him with any help I can.
  14. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    finally a look at a papermodel!!! HeeHee

    been out this week, so not much done-buuut here's a look at the new A model, (still WIP) this layout is for the 1/200 monster
    I MIGHT build....still whittling it down for the regular size (1/500 i think, or is it 4?- im not at my working 'puter right now....).

    View attachment 11088

    I'll post revisions to this soon!
  15. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Yes, yes 1/200, or maybe 1/250. That would bring it in at 48".
  16. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    I dont have my notes right now, but the biggie i worked out lands about
    .00024 short of 60", but like I said, I MIGHT build one of my own that big.......... not that i'd have anywhere to put it!:twisted:
  17. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    I'm definately not afraid of a 1/200, but I'd like a 1/250. Gotta love these paper models.:grin:
  18. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Any updates?
  19. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

  20. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Looking forward to anything you have to show!:grin:

    [computer voice] Waiting............[computer voice]:-D

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