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  1. Now, one without overhead: Pero Negro, in the Oeste (West) line, from Cacém to Torres Vedras... still Lisbon suburbia (about 60 km from the Capital)... this is our portuguese definition of a Depot... a small station with only a few passengers.

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  2. One more shoot, this time from Sintra Station... this is the terminus of the suburban line from Lisbon to Sintra. And back to the overhead wires:D

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  3. One more shoot from Sintra, this time with a steam locomotive. It was a special trip, in the birthdate of this line.

    The locomotive, series 0180 from the Portuguese Railways, in concrete the 0186, is an Henshel, and is one of the locomotives making the touristic trains now in Douro Line... the Region of Oporto wine.

    This locomotive has been restored to its original appearence to be included in the future railroad museum. Until then, this would be their services...

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  4. OOOPS

    Oops... wrong picture... here's the picture I was referring to in my last post...

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  5. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    Say wah??? Did someone rattle my cage?? **snort snort snuffle snuffle**


    Rooo hide? Dunno Bob. That was before I moved in, that pic. The previous owners. :) Dunno what sorta skin.

    But I been workin' on the railroad.

    Slowly but surely. Ain't had much to say lately. But building this. :)

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  6. Woodie

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    tis based on this one. My local station on the Brisbane/Sydney line.

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  7. Sir_Prize

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    Your still down there! ;)

    Nice work on the building (for that large gauge of HO ;) ).

    Since I'm in "N" don't look over the other scales much.

    Ricardo- Those pics are nice. Always neat for me to see other parts
    of the world.
  8. Bob Collins

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    Wow, look at the track grade on Woodie's last picture. Reminds me a little of coming out of the Spenser Street Station in Melbourne on the XPT where very quickly you go up and over the rest of the rail yard.

    Great model Woodie.

  9. Thanks guys... I'm placing some new photos from the model and the prototype building...

    I'll start by the model. This is Barcarena Station (as a matter of fact, a "depot" as you call them) in the suburban Line from Sintra to Lisbon, about half the way. This place is between Kilometres 16,000 and 16,500 measured from Lisbon Central Station (Rossio)The building was enlarged a few years ago, so now it has a tower in the middle (the house of the station chief) and two small bodies at the sides. One of them is the ticket counter, the other the bathrooms and offices of the station.

    I'll try to find the prototype picture. For now, here it is the model I built....

    Oh and I forgot to say: this is where I still live with my parents... unfortunately not inside the station but nearby...

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  10. interurban

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    I Took This Picture as I got of 2816 Hudson Fan trip!!
    Toronto Hamilton and Buffalo station.
    Maybe there are some more Pic`s??:wave:

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  11. boppa

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    the first thing is a crew car woodie
    the one in the middle is a `tamping machine'-used for sleeper and ballast replacement-most are around 1200 hp v16(two v8 bolted together lol) quad turbo diesels
    they need the power as they actually `grip' the railhead with clamps,drop rams and lift the rail up into the air so new sleepers can be slid in underneath
    computer controlled (if you can call 286's computers)

    go like a scalded cat when you use all that power just to drive them

    and get you in a lot of trouble when you tip one over like i did :)

  12. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    Great photo's of the different kinds of stations :thumb: :thumb:
  13. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    I had sort of forgotten about this thread with moving and all that sort of thing. I will try to remember to get some pix of stations here in the area, particularly the Rock Island one that is being preserved as a museum and the home of a great HO model layout and outdoor display area with a CB &Q 0-6-0, a UPRR 4-8-4, CRI &P caboose, etc.
  14. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    That will be great
  15. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Sunday 220pm 23 Jan 2005.

    I have just spent some time rereading this thread :D
    And I enjoyed everybodys input so much I thought some of the new members would also get a kick out of it and may be add to it. :thumb:

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