All Hail the Terran Empire!

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    Well folks, here's my first shot at being card-creative. After building a couple of Rawen's awesome TOS ships, I got the bright idea to put my graphics programs and skills to work. I added the Terran Empire dagger graphics, downloaded a new Federation font for the Hull registry and numbers and what I got was the I.S.S. Deathdealer.

    He (since the computer had a male voice in "Mirror, Mirror") is the first ship in my Empire fleet. These ships breed fear and hate and are to show the populace that no one defies the Empire!

    I've always liked the potential of the Mirror Universe, so I have some other ideas for designs that I hope to share soon. Again, thanks to Rawen for creating these great models that we can build off of.

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    Outstanding rendition of an Imperial Starship! Looks really cool.....
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    From the records of the Emperor Tiberius, retreived 2317

    In 2271, a severe ion storm created a breach in space that brought to light the existence of a universe running in parallel to our own. Four members of the I.S.S. Enterprise, including then Captain James T. Kirk, were replaced with their counterparts from what we would come to know as the United Federation of Planets. Once returned to his proper place, Kirk informed the Empire of the amazing physical similarities of the two universes. However, the unparalled weakness of this Federation was so disgusting that Kirk vowed that he would cause changes so no being would confuse the face of the mighty Empire with that of the simpering Federation. Upon his assention to the throne, now Emperor Tiberius decreed the ships of the Empire would run red with the blood of any who opposed them. It is said the replacement red thermocoat, first borne by his very own I.S.S. Enterprise, shows he carried out that threat.

    That's my little narrative for my new ship. After I finished the I.S.S. Deathdealer I decided it just wasn't terrifying enough for a ship of the Empire. It was too similar to Federation ships. That similarity is "canon" but since we are in the paper universe I wanted the two to stand apart. I believe a real Emprie would want everyone to run in fear of them. So, I added some more "Dagger" art because evil loves its symbols everywhere, added some "Blood Red" accents and came up with my version of the Terran Empire flagship, the I.S.S. Enterprise. I still don't know if I got to "terrifying", but with phasers firing in my quickie Photoshop pic it's not too bad. Also, you can see my "saucer jig" that allow even pressure to create a saucer that's pretty straight and flat. Also, you can see my prototype stand. Hope you like it.

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    more pics

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    BAM! Awesome!

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