All greek to me?

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    Hi guys just pulled the track up for hopfully the last time i was readind inanother post about the track being level do i understand that all track should fit in to thr fish plates with no gaps in between is so the thats one of my main problems when stating a new track in my case i hope to run 3 lines on 10x4 board with 8 sets of points do i start from inside out or outside in all so if the track is alittle proud do file it flat the other question is do you guys soider the track together if how so so many queastion hope i can get there soon all the best mike
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    Rail will expand when a room gets warmer and if there isn't a slight gap at each joint, the track will move out of shape. Set your gap the thickness of a business card, because if it's too thick, particularly on a curve, you're inviting derailment problems. On the same note, if you solder the sections of track together, you are asking for problems with expansion and contraction. You can solder two sections together safely, but beyond that you're asking for trouble.

    You can dress a rail joint with a small file but it shouldn't be necessary unless the rail was cut to fit the joint. You can feel if it's off with your finger.

    I'm not sure what you mean start inside out or outside in. If you're referring to track laying sequence, start at switches (points) and work out.

    Hope this helps.

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    You should start outside and work in, that way when you get to the inside area to lay track,if you haven't room left for tracks just think what would have happened had you started inside.:D
    All track bed should be flat so the track lays flat. Yes, all rail inside fish plates (Rail Joiners) should be close together with just a fraction of a gap to allow for expansion. Solder all rails together that form curves so the rails don't come apart. use insulated joiners (Fish plates) when using facing points.

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    all greek to me

    :eek: Thanks guys forlesson number what ever will call back for some homework later.mike HO FOR A BIGGER HAMMER

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