ALIENS M-41A Plus Rifle 1:1

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by oldbot, Aug 1, 2010.

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    I just found this website recently. I do really impress in many creativities around here. This is my 1st post here. ALIENS is one of my favorite movie. This kit is designed by Jan Rukr. I finished this kit a few months ago, it took me about 3 weeks to complete. Pls review.

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  2. grifco2000

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    swweet model!:thumb: I mad3e one of these for my son several years back. Must admit ti took much longer and didn't look as good as yours. Unfortunately, his sister sat on it three days after I finished and wrecked it completely!!:curse:
  3. bigfan

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    I built something like that last year... it took me the whole summer not to mention it looks nowhere NEAR as good as that (Been getting better at Papercrafting since). I think the next pair of ink cartridges I buy will be tasked with Printing the Parts for Pulse Rifle #2.
    I also used Elmer's Glue which tends to lose adhesive strength over time so the model is beginning to fall apart.
  4. oldbot

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    It's good to know that not only me who had spend a lot of time to do this kit.

    I printed it on 180 gram flat paper which consumed a lot of ink. Beside the normal latex glue, I also used the 2-sides adhesive tape in some area instead of the glue to hold the large size attachment area. The most time consume parts are those slots around the barrel. The sliding handle and the top rail also took a lot of time for adjusting and alignment. I had to scrap a 1st set of top rial because it's twist! Goodluck that we can re-print.

    This kit is excellent design and very enjoy in assembly. It's cool when I show it to friends. Everyone thought it is a BB-Gun (Airsoft Gun) but all of them surprised when they found that it made from paper!
  5. Finnlock

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    Wow, that's a fantastic build. How feesable is it to add a digital counter for the bullets?

    SEBRET Member

    Very Clean build. Great job!
  7. scarmig

    scarmig New Member

    I don't think that would be too hard.

    You can get LED counters at electronic shops online, and I would think a simple chip to display numbers. Plenty of room inside for mounting things. If the trigger moves, you could put a contact on it and actually have the trigger initiate the LED counter.

    I'm not sure about the programming of the chip though. Maybe something out there pre-built, or someone who knows how could program it and mount it on a small board.

    Here's a project on it: digits.html
  8. asmick

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    Ive been waiting to build this for a long time, since i cant afford to get the airsoft parts and kit
  9. Celldecay

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    Nice job. I've been wanting to build one of my own for some time now.
  10. Wojtee

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    Nice one! It could use a little paint job on the edges, but looks cool anyway.
  11. glabbott

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    My Fav

    This has to be my favorite build of all time. Also my fav movie weapon. Nothing like an all in 1 Alien liquifier.
  12. deadlyduck

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    now that looks great :)
  13. smelter273

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    Where did you find the model? I'd love to build one!
  14. Bubba Ho-Tep

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  15. blaster971

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    wow.. amazing
  16. greatsaje

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    Nice Job, im starting mine tonight to put on my wall of weapons
  17. johndenord

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    Nice, have try i myself

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