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    Like many others here, I'm following with anticipation the full release of Jan Rukr's "SULACO" build. There is, however, one facet of the "Alien" universe that I await to be done as a model in the foreseealbe future.

    I'm referring to none other than(drumroll)


    this model would hopefully be done in three phases.

    1. The face-hugger (prefferably life-size)

    2. The original Alien (the one from the first movie)

    3. The Queen from "Aliens"

    The last two would be just as dificult as Giger's design is so advanced.

    Regardless of who eventually comes up with an actual build design, I eagerly await these endeavors wholeheartedly.
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    I hate facehuggers T_T
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    You know whom would be really good at something like this (thinking the Facehugger & organic folds) would be Kei Koto. He does some amazing animal & sealife papercraft that are almost exclusively curved surfaces. He has a lot of free examples floating around the web, but here is a link to his Art house website :


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