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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Oliver Bizer, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Oliver Bizer

    Oliver Bizer Member

    Hi everybody.
    I build a Alien Face Hugger.
    Enjoy the pictures and have fun with the looking :wave:

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  2. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    How about we have fun with the building? Hint hint sign1

    Good stuff.

    SEBRET Member

    lol, ya, I like it
  4. Art Decko

    Art Decko Member

    Very cool model, and nicely built! Thanks for posting!

    This is a great example of something I feel is often overlooked in card modeling: the importance of display. A model sitting on a shelf or table just does not have the impact of a model put into some kind of visual context.

    Check out the display base for this facehugger. Structurally, it's quite simple, just two "slabs". But look what it adds to the visual impact of the model! Much more exciting than if that facehuggger was photographed sitting on Oliver's cutting mat. It also helps that the base has very high quality graphics.

    As for the critter itself ... I've always wondered just what they used for that in the original movie, does anyone know? To me it looks a lot like a horseshoe crab with its shell removed.
  5. Way cool display!

    Is there a place where it can be downloaded? Completely, including the base?
  6. Oliver Bizer

    Oliver Bizer Member

    Here the same, i have no (C) for the pictures from the model.
  7. kingofprd

    kingofprd Member

    Want to release the model exclusively for Aliens papercraft? We offer a model that is not free.

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