Algoma Central Railway - Agawa Camp Car

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    Hi all,

    I'm new to this place so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong section! I know of this forum from my significant other - actually he's probably reading this right now haha!... Anyway, he wants to take the Algoma Centrail Railway Agawa Camp Car trip for our honeymoon - which I am not opposed to - but I am just looking to see if anyone has been on this trip in the past and if they would mind sharing their experience(s). I have searched the net for "reviews" but to no avail...

    Thanks for any info...!

  2. nachoman

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    No experience with the camp car -
    but one of my earliest memories is taking this train trip as a kid. I remember being pretty amazed by the scenery.

  3. 60103

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    The trip was written up for Robert in Ontario somewhere. I think he still hasn't gone.
    The train trip is interesting almost any time of year; fall probably attracts loads of tourists. The whole train has been replaced since we did it; they have a brand new collection of second hand coaches now.

    edit: here's the thread: Canyon
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    i sure wish my gf was willing to do this for me
    oh well mybe I will have to trade her for a more willing model
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    Been there and rode the agawa canyon tour was awesome back in 88-89. It is my understanding that the CN now owns and operates it now. I would like to make 2 more trips on that line 1. The snow train and 2. The complete tour of the line to Hearst and back.:thumb:

    Anyone have more updated info on Algoma central?
  6. CSXect

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    here is a close up of an Algoma Central loco

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  7. acsoosub

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    The Algoma Central was purchased by the WC in 1995, and CN took over the WC in 2001, so they now operate the line.

    All the original AC engines went to WC. Some of them are still around, but only in full WC colours. There's no engines left in the original AC colours. After WC took over in 1995 they bought a half dozen F-units (mostly ex-VIA/CN FP9s, an ex-VIA/CP FP7Au and a pair of ex-VIA/CN F9Bs) but they were retired almost immediately when CN took over. They were mostly sold to Pioneer Rail Corp., but a couple went to museums in Western Canada. Typical CN power is used on all trains on the line. CN GP40-2Ls are common on the passenger trains.

    The Canyon Tour is a daily train, but the "regular" train to Hearst no longer run daily. It runs a really limited schedule mostly around the weekend.

    Freight traffic is also way down; a couple lumber mills have closed and the railway no longer moves iron ore from Wawa to Sault Ste. Marie. The mine and processing plant there closed in 1998 and the branchline was officially abandoned and ripped out in 2000. Ore now comes in from US mines in Wisconsin.

    While you're in the area, the old CPR line from Sudbury to Sault Ste. Marie is now operated by the shortline Huron Central. So in a bit of a reversal from 15 years ago, what was once a regional railroad is now operated by a class I, and the former class I line is now operated by a regional.

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