Alex, oh Alex..

Discussion in 'Dream Kits & Wish Lists' started by Willja67, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Alex aka Modelincard,

    I'm not trying to put any pressure on you whatsoever to hurry up on Airwolf I just want to know how it's coming. As you have not responded to my pm and the posts in the other thread I thought I'd be more direct and hopefully enlist the aid of the other members of this forum.

    So other members of this forum, could you help me pester Alex until we get a response out of him?:twisted: Either pm him till we lock up his inbox cause he has more than 100 messages or keep posting in this thread till he answers.

    Any and all help will be appreciated.:grin:
  2. modelincard

    modelincard Member

    [​IMG] First off, sorry I'm a bit behind.

    Second, I'm about on page 4 of 7. I've been putting it off (with schoolwork and all) but I'm on vacation now, so I plan to get cracking.
  3. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    No problem Alex, like I said I don't mean to pressure you(well sort of:twisted: ) Like I said I just wanted an update.
  4. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    One Month later...

    Ok Alex I'm once again asking for an update. You will note that it is one month since I last rattled your cage so I'm trying not to be too big a pain I just want to know how it's coming. :?
  5. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Wilja, how's the work on the F2G going? Don't want to pressure you or anything :twisted:?


    P.S. Did you ever find the missing corner? Beginning to sound like an election in Florida...,
  6. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Work on the corsair has been temporarily suspended for several reasons. The main one right now is that I'm going to be taking my private pilot checkride on Monday and I have things to do to prepare for that.
  7. allhallowseve

    allhallowseve Member


    i can 't wait to see the model in color !! Ok guys let's put the boots to him that will get him goneing ha ha just kidding maybe !!!!

  8. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Good Luck on the checkride and get plenty of sleep on Sunday night...,


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