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    So, a question for you Alco-hounds out there. I'm looking at using some RS-3's for my freelance railroad and Kato RS-2's miss the mark just barely. How hard would it be to update an RS-2 to look like an RS-3? That is, what are the visual distinctions that seperate an RS-2 from an RS-3. I know that one of them is the longer battery boxes along the short hood. Are there any other differences that I need to know about? Thanks!
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    :confused: If I remember correctly, (At my age, those two words are not neccessarily synonomous) the RS-2's short hood is also narrower.

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    I converted an old AHM RS2 into an RS3.
    Other than the battery boxes, the fuel tank must be changed. The RS2 tank was under the cab and had the filler on the side of the cab. The fuel filler will need to be removed and filled. There will need to be an access door installed on the cab side. The Exhaust stack needed to be moved and one of the windows enlarged.

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