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    Ya I came across the Cal Scale markers on ebay. I really wish they had some better pictures available. Hopefully I'll remember to order some next time I make an online order. Thanks for your suggestions!
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    The first shot is of the Cal Scale steam locomotive marker lights. I believe the lights on the diesel are also Cal Scale, but I am not positive, I would have to find the packaging to verify it. Either way, I am not sure that either of them are what you are looking for.

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    Ah yes...the markers on your SW/NW-X look perfect!
    Are they actually illuminated as well?

    Although to me they look slightly different than the steam loco. Plus you have different colored jewels. Do they come with a variety? It looks like my s-4 only has the clear "whites" for special runs.

    The B&M also used these similar lanterns on their 44 I hope to add a set to each end of my new bachmann 44 tonner.

    Thank you so much for the photos! Its great to actually see these things
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    Hmm...yes, they are different. I don't know why I didn't realize that before posting. I looked for the packaging, but for the life of me I couldn't find it. They are not illuminated, although I did debate on trying to illuminate them. Decided it wasn't worth the effort, but it would still be pretty cool to light 'em up. They do not come with any jewels, you will have to purchase those seperately. I painted the forward facing light silver because I couldn't find any clear jewels.

    You can check Bowser
    or Miniatures by Eric

    Edit: One other place would be
    I know that I didn't get these marker lights from him, but I received a pair that are very similar if not identical from the D1119 kit. Dan was great to work with and I imagine he might have some marker lights that are not in the kit. Shoot him an email and he could probably help you out.

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