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    The 2nd annual burn out to the dessert has brought out some of Alberta's RC fanatics for the RUN FOR THE DRUM. As always with this event we were guided by Alberta R.C. to maybe the largest trail run on the planet! What a blast is was to hang out with so many RC people, young and old, this friendly event is a chance to just be part of a massive trail run!! This location seems is a complete 360 terrain compared to the mountains and trees. Cactus and sand dunes with advanced inclines is to be expected at this slippery trail surface.

    Thank you for watching and until next time...

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    That really was incredible. I highly recommend viewing this. It is quite entertaining. Out of all of those vehicles, this one, in it's simplicity, looked the best, to me. Subjective, I know, but it looked good. Nice Chevy man, or woman!! ;)

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  3. adventure girl

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    It was a guy truck and yes look great! Thank as always for the support and happy trails!

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