Alaskan Land Train

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  1. MOS95B

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    I'm having a hard time even finding information on this beast, but has anyone ever heard of the Alaskan Land Train??

    The tires alone are about 12 feet tall on that monster!! Anyone ever heard of a kit, or this vehicle in general???​
  2. Elliott

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  3. Elliott

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    Not sure why this didn't move up when I posted a reply.:? Oh well...

    Elliott :grin: :)
  4. MOS95B

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    That looks to be the beast, in a couple of different versions. Pretty impressive....
  5. willygoat

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    I have seen a very short blurb about them on the History Channel before. They seem like they'd be pretty cool machines.
  6. lizzienewell

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    I've heard of it, but it's mixed up in my mind with a rologon.
  7. rickstef

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    that monster reminds me of the Mammoth Car in Speed Racer

  8. gippolot

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    Yes Rick, you just twiged my memory!

    That is one amazing vehicle. It would be nice to know some more about it.
  9. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    From TIME magazine, March 7, 1955

    "Giant Snow Train. A six-unit "snow train," weighing between 125 and 130 tons and capable of carrying the same amount in freight, has been built by Le Tourneau Co. for the Alaska Freight Lines. The $290,000 giant is powered by two 400-h.p. diesel generators that provide power for all 24 of the freighter's 7-ft.-4-in. pneumatic-tired wheels. The monster has a range of 1,000 miles, requires neither rails nor road and can travel over almost any kind of terrain at a speed of 15 m.p.h. The engine cab contains insulated sleeping quarters for four men. To get the giant from Texas to Alaska, Le Tourneau had to ship it on specially built flatcars to Seattle, from there Alaskan Freight will move it to Alaska by boat."

    Elliott :)
  10. CardStalker

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    Some of the original wheels ended up on one of the Big Foot trucks that were built.
  11. CardStalker

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