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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Gil, Nov 26, 2004.

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    Yeah, and look at the price. I was in line for one, but not for that price... - L.
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    Hi there

    Ahhh stupid question from me....Who is Alan Rose and that $120 book is papermodel of Dakota?
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    Alan Rose DC3

    That is a legendary 1/16 scale paper model of the DC3, cockpit and front part of the wings only (?). Haven't seen it myself (Rick reputedly has the kit!). Judgement by everyone is that it is a classic, "something to kill for" - although I wouldn't go that far, and not even to 120 dollars, although I am slightly tempted! - Leif
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    Yes I do have said book, bought it from a gentleman i met at last year's convention, sold it to me for $25, BEST score i ever made

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    alan rose is one of the early pioneers of paper modelling from the 1970's, way ahead of his time, and he designed some wonderful models. Marketting to kids as an introduction to modelling, I'm sure many were very fustrated and parents annoyed. His models are fine examples of paper modeling and not for beginners.

    I have yet to get or see a copy of the DC 3, but I was able to scoop up a copy of his Walt Disney Worlds Cinderella castle:


    which also goes for buko bucks. I got lucky, someone was selling it as a needlepoint book on ebay by mistake!! I got it for $5.

    In the case of both these models, I think that unlike most collectable books, many have been destroyed in an attempt to make the model. As a result they are hard to come by.
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    lets try that pic again:

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    Hi Rick

    Thanks for the link.
    I just had to have a go for this one :roll:
    It would look great going through the office wall :lol: :lol:



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