Akane Allegheny Motor

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by petey, Jun 14, 2005.

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    I need opinions concerning a motor problem w/this loco. Engine was built in 1964. It has never been run. In checking it out, I found that it would not operate. Eventually, I identified the following. Once the motor was freed, it would run fine, but would start 7 out of 10 times. Several(?) of the commutators(?)(part which the brushes bear against)are apparently dead. There is no response to touching some of the segments with a lead. Further, the clear flexible coupling, off the driveshaft to the rear engine spur shaft, has hardenened and developed a slight droop. The motor cannot turn the spur shafts, I believe because of this droop. The motor looks like a DC71, except the brush holders are much more elaborate than Pittman's. Does somebody do repairs? Anyone have a source for neoprene/silicone flexible tubing?
  2. Don

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    if you can, remove the brushes & clean the commutator w/a thin strip of 600 wet or dry sandpaper. I usually chuck the shaft in a drill & hold the magnet while holding the sandpaper around the commutator. Also clean out the slots between the plates w/a thin screwdriver. Clean the brushes as well & make sure they curve to the shape of the commutator. If you don't want to go thru that then try cleaning the commutator w/drop of lighter fluid & clean up the dirt w/a Qtip making sure not to leave any strands. IIRC, those motors were clones of Pittmans w/a different brush rigging & drew more current than a DC71B. If that does'nt improve things, I have a few DC71's in exc. cond. f/s. You can get tygon tubing from most hobby shops that carry model airplane supplies or try Hobbytowns' universal kit for a more positive connection

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