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    [​IMG] Thanks. I'm more limited by what I can edit with my software. If you could please send it in JPG, GIF, or PDF format, that would be great. PDF would probablly be best because you can get the most detail in that. The only format I really can't handle is PSD format.

    P.S.-Do you want it painted any particular way?
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    I can probably send the file as a pdf if I run it through Corel Draw. Rhino won't export as that though so I'll check and see if I really can send it that way.

    As far as the paint job I'm only adding basic panel lines and the demarcation line(between black and white). There are a lot of rivet lines all over the helo that I havn't even attempted to put on. Since you'll be the one to paint it it's all up to you how fancy you want to do it. My own ideas about it would be to make the areas where pieces attatch grey and the rest black and white. It might be nice if you could add some sky reflections to make it look more realistic, but then again the paint job is going to be your baby and you get to decide how nice to do it. I designed the model as a middle of the road quality. It's not super detailed but it's not a really basic model either so perhaps the paint job should reflect that.

    The model(Not counting the rotor) measures about 15 inches long (no specific scale) and I can fit the whole model on four letter sized pages.

    I hope I answered your questions. Thanks again.
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    Definitely blue or blue-green windows with sun reflections. Maybe I'll do more than one paint job. I pictured it with a swoopy diagonal blue stripe on a white aircraft, but black & whits looks good, too.
    As far as rivets; it sounds like no one likes to do rivets (or really anything to monotonous). Depending on the level of quality you're looking for, they can probablly be left off all together. Thanks a bunch for doing panel lines, though.
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    I think you should at least do one version in the traditional black and white paint scheme. I think that was one of the reasons airwolf looked so mean and so cool. I never saw the particular episode but I heard there was one where somebody built a copy of airwolf and painted it red with the white underbelly.

    Here in Utah we have a company that flies the same type of chopper(bell 222 or 422) as an air ambulance (AirMed is the company name) and there choppers are painted similar to your idea only they have a red stripe as well as a blue on the overall white aircraft.
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    Just want to say thanks !!! To all of you for takeing the time to build the Airwolf model, i can't wait to see what it will like when is built . i just got season 1-2 of the show on dvd. for the most part airwolf bring back mermory of saturday night long ago. i watch it with my farther now 35 years later i 'am watching it with my son . i plan on build together with him thanks again

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    Howdy Guys,

    Well, I want to thank willja67 for taking up the slack on this topic. I had intentions of working with the 3d model at one time, but.....being that I build transformers, and this being a record seaon for hurricanes, as well as the wars in iraq and afghanistan and the tsumani the hurricane in mexico etc....and so on..... I ended up working 12 hours shifts and there just wasnt enough hours in the day to work, sleep, do what needed to be done around the house etc.
    However, as of Monday the 31, I left the "zombie shift" (midnight to noon) after about ten yrs. I have been with the company for 21 yrs this yr and have worked as the senior machinst all these yrs. I have recently been offered a job with the same company as the superintendant of the maint. and machins shop depts., reporting to the plant manager and owners at double what I made per yr as senior machinist.
    So, although I am off the 12 hr shifts, I am still tied up with this new job.
    But, again I wanna thank willja for designing the airwolf model.

    Anyway, have a good day,

    Greg aka GW

    ps: and thanks to modelincard for the painting of it. I am sure it will be a hit.
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    Guess I ought to give credit where credit is due and a fairly large share goes to you GW for posting a link to the Bell 222 3views and also the links to other pics were helpful. So thank you.

    And I have mentioned it before but Nobi has graciously agreed to host the model when finished on his website. Many thanks Nobi.
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    any update on airwolf

    hello there just checking to see if there be any thing on airwolf i've been working a lot !!
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    I'm still working on it! Sorry it's taking so long. I've tried sending some of the finished parts to Modelincard but my computer is giving me grief. Although I had the fuselage pretty much done when I posted last I hadn't designed either of the rotors yet. The main rotor (after several redesigns) is about 95% done and the tail rotor (much simpler) is about 75% done. That still leaves the landing gear which is about 50% done. My main problem with it is I don't know how the main gear mounts in the gear bays. This is significant cause if you want to build a "flying" model there are no doors on the main gear bays so the landing gear is visible and I want it to look good. So I ask for everyones patience as I am a rookie designer and I have other things on my plate.
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    no problum just want to know what was going on with it take your time :) thanks
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    I have completed most of the design tasks I spoke about in my last post in this thread. The tail rotor is pretty much the only thing left to do and it is fairly simple. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some rendered images of the 3d model. So here they are.

    P.S. Comments are welcome/encouraged

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    Its looking fantastic, really can't wait for this model to become available..

    Well done!

  14. allhallowseve

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    looks great i can hear the theme music playing now ha ha
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    progress report

    First off I'll apologize for being such a bad photographer, but I think there is enough interest to post this picture just to show that reasonable progress is being made.

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    Well folks more progress has been made and I've managed to take a better photo of what my mom calls "Nemo". She says it reminds her of the fish in the Disney movie. So what do you guys think?

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    Hey Will,

    I like your mother's imagination............but............
    It sure looks like Airwolf to me! :grin:

    Looks Like you're almost ready for some color!

  18. allhallowseve

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    wow real good !! can't wait to see i all done. will it be in color or only white ???
  19. angevine

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    WOW! this model is really progressing well...

    Really looking forward to seeing the next instalment!!!

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    Well, why not paint it in clownfish orange, black, & white? I suppose that's my job, so I'll consider it.[​IMG] How are the files coming, anyway? I never recieved them.[​IMG]

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