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    Howdy Al,

    well maybe I can help you with that. after you get all the sub assemblies seperated, and spread out across the work sceen, click "object" up top and then click "export" and save that screen in a new file...I had named mine airwolf and the eploded view I named "eploded view and placed in the airwolf file inside "my documents". Then you can go back, place a box around all the various "objects in that "exploded view that you ARE NOT working with one at a time and click the scissors buttonm finally you will be left with the object that you DO want to work with. You can make all the adjustments you need to that part, then click "object" up top and then "export" and name the part and place it in the airwolf file. Then re-open the exploded view and repeat the process and work on another part and save it the same way.
    I hope to get started back on it shortly, I should have been sleeping today, but instead I have broken open the case on my laptop and have been working on it. I am hoping to get it going soon again........i hope lol.

    ps. I emailed the designer of the airwolf 3ds model and invited him here to look around and join the forum, apparently his preferred "nickname" is "Hellcat" so lets look for him, he would be a great hrlp I am sure with the model, maybe not so much in the "unfolding, but maybe he would have "broken down" versions of the parts.
    I always try to invite ppl here when I find something that they have done that could be used in card modeling.

    anyway, have a nice day,

    Greg aka GW
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    it good the site back up

    any luck on the airwolf model i've playing with the program i'am able to take parts off but saveing them is a problum , i 'am still not sure how i make it to print out yet hope you had better luck !!!
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    I was just wondering how far you got with this project? Just for the fun of it I have been building a 3d model of airwolf in Rhino that I will be able to unroll when it's finished. I also downloaded the 3ds file but I wasn't too impressed with it. It seemed like some of the proportions were a little off. Do I need my eyes checked or is it oaky?

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    Howdy Guys,

    No, you are correct, some of the proportions are a little off. I got it broken down into individual parts and sections and as I began to try to unfold them I noticed that yes, some parts are bigger than others when seperated and therefore the unfolded parts dont come out in the same scale. At first I thought it was just me too, so I did it again starting from the whole 3d model and got the same results 2 more times.
    Working 12 hr shifts right now like I am and training 3 new guys at work was about all the stress I could handle so I placed it on the back burner for now til I could devote more time to it to resize the odd ball size parts.
    But I hope to get back to it soon, I would love to see a model of airwolf that can be built. This model unfolds great, except the parts arent the same size lol.

    Have a good day, I am at work right now,

    Greg aka GW
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    I have temporarily taken a break from my corsair and started on airwolf. Just thought I'd share a rendered image of the 3d model that I'm working on. Obviously a lot remains to be done but just about every surface is able to be unrolled so when I finally finish it making it into a card model shouldn't take too long.

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    Howdy Willja,

    Are you using the same mesh as mentioned earlier in this thread? If so, I spoke with the designer of the 3d mesh today via email and he said if a model could be made of it...GREAT! He also said he would take me up on the offer to stop by here, look around and possibly Join our forum. He didnt think the mesh would be "paper freindly", but I explained to him what I had already been able to accomplish with it by breaking it down into small sections ie....nose cone, cockpit, engine and "wing" section, tail boom etc.... and how I was already able to unfold all of those individual parts. I went to explain to him that the only trouble I had so far was that the nose cone was out of scale and I havent had time to correct that as of yet.
    However, yours looks different to me in some way, are you maybe designing from scratch? If so, Great....two models eventually maybe lol.
    Anyway, its looking great so far, keep up the good work, hope to see more of your work soon.

    have a good evening,

    Greg aka GW
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    Remember that site with the three views you referred me to? That's where this came from. Or in other words yes this was done from scratch. I have however used the other model as a reference. I thought I would try to design a model from scratch in Rhino just to see if I could do it. I also happen to like airwolf a lot so I figured it would be good practice for later projects.

    You wouldn't happen to have pictures of the tail rotor gearbox would you? That's what I'm working on right now and I have been having trouble finding what I need.



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    Howdy Willja,

    Well, no, I dont have photos of the tail rotor gearbox, but I do know the link to photos that may help as refference material There are two pages of them and you can enlarge the thumb nails and then click on the enlarged version to ienlarge the pics one more time.

    I hope these help some. if not, here is a photo essay of a RC model build of airwolf that may show what you need.

    On the second link above there are all sorts of photos from all angles of the completed model, maybe they will help.
    If nothing else maybe the model pics....there are sixty one of them, might help you in coloring the model?

    I will continue to look for other material, have a good evening,

    Greg aka GW
  9. NOBI

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    Hi Greg,

    What type of this airwolf in real world? it look like Agusta A-109 series but have some minor different...i have no idea :p
  10. rickstef

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    Airwolf is a Bell 222

    very similar to the 422 but with wheels instead of skids

  11. angevine

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    I found this online, not very clear but might help... Looking for better version

  12. angevine

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  13. Willja67

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    Many thanks Angevine,

    The four views of airwolf compared with the unaltered helicopter are something I have been wishing I had for awhile.
  14. Willja67

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    For any of those interested (alhallowseve should be one) I just printed out the first pages of my first version of Airwolf lastnight and it's looking pretty good so far. When I finish the model I'll offer it as a free download but I don't know beans about where I would post something like that. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Hopefully I'll have enough of the model built in a day or two that I can post some pictures

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    Howdy Willja,

    Ok, I have a suggestion for you, it allows all types of files to be uploaded, and you have control over whether or not others can d/l it. Example: if you have a .pdf file, you would upload it under the heading of "text".
    Of course you will have to set up an account, (free) and you will get exposure, the "google web crawler" (the program that finds links for google to list) scans this site regularly and publishes the links to answer search queries. There are others out there including "webshots" but I have never used them so I dont know anything about it.
    Just remember I would like a copy of the model when ya get it ready.
    Have a good evening,

    Greg aka GW

  16. allhallowseve

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    can't wait

    looking forward to see it :)
  17. Willja67

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    Since the thread popped up while I was looking I thought I would post a progress report.

    The model is progressing nicely. I was perhaps a little premature in printing it out and trying to build it cause it needed more attention to ways of joining the pieces, but one of the best ways to figure stuff like that out is to build it so no harm done. I've been slacking a little lately on the project but I really want this one to get finished so I'll kick it in the but and hopefully it will be ready soon. Pics coming soon.
  18. Willja67

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    help needed

    Hey guys,

    Sorry there are no pics yet. The reason being that I'm an incurable perfectionist. I noticed a few proportions that were not quite right and had to go back and fix them.

    I know there are at least a few people interested in this project getting completed and even though I am capable of eventually finishing the model I'm going to need help doing it in a timely manner. I would be truly grateful to anyone willing to take on the task of painting the model. Nobi has graciously agreed to host the model on his website when it is ready(for free download).

    I will try and kick it in the butt and finish off the actual model and hopefully somebody will volunteer to make "The Lady" look beautiful.
  19. modelincard

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    I'd be happy to paint the model for you. While I'm not too great at designing, I can paint well.
  20. Willja67

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    Much obliged. I on the other hand can design but know very little about graphics software. Just for your info the model is being done in Rhino and I'll just unroll the surfaces join the ones that need it and then send the file to you in ai format or whatever you think is best.

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