Airwolf Build #2 For Beginers

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Slorvex, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    All I can say this is getting tougher as far as peices fitting together right. Not Understanding how C2 connects to C1. All the others make sense. Tail section is a pain. Plus Scared to death of glueing top part to the body of it. As in C1 and C7 parts to the body. All I can really say is this is getting way difficult.
  2. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    I admire your determination to complete this build but it was meant for experienced builders.
    Some may say, "Come on, it's just paper and glue"!
    Just like ice skating, it looks easy till you do it. You need practice and you have to build your way up to doing builds like this one.
    You are not just going to jump out there on the ice and get a gold medal for figure skating, no matter how bad you want it!

    My advice is, get some easier builds under your belt and work your way up to this.
    I am not trying to offend you, just the opposite, I want to help.
    Getting a few builds under your belt will prepare you for the techniques that are needed for this build.

  3. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    Yeah I hear you there. I figured out to make my own tabs for C1 and C7 so gluing them to the body will be easier now. Not sure going to keep up with this one until i throw it all away. lol But Istill say the instructions could have been better.
  4. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    ***sidenote*** Haha you bought Star Trek - Legacy ***endsidenote***

    Hey I use QuickDry Tacky and I have no probs with it.
  5. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    Yeah I did , not at all what I thought it be, but it's still cool to have all the Starship captains, and to be able to play which ever episode I want to. I bought it played a little then got caught up on this Airwolf build, and been meaning to get back to it just havn't lol. Plus I have other games as well that I havn't put back on my computer . Ireformatted a couple of weeks ago and just havn't gotten around to putting back most of the games I have. My computer is my life besides other things like guitar and models and such. I guess when one dosen't have a T.V. one has a kick butt Computer lol.
  6. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    The Instructions Stink!!!!

    Yeah I think we got that point already. I have to admit to getting a little tired of hearing that. The model is free meaning there was not a need to make it the same quality as I would have if it were released commercially. I hate to keep beating a dead horse but experienced builders managed it because they knew the terminology and the techniques. As with anything you can't please everyone and they didn't all like everything but overall they were quite pleased with the model. I don't like being a jerk but I strongly suggest finding simpler models to practice on before tackling this one. I think you'll find with experience the instructions will get clearer.
  7. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    Sorry Will Didn't mean to hurt your feelings or make you upset. But Now as you put it as Free, I guess I didn't give you enough credit.

    I will say the reason I asked questions is because I knew it was an experienced build, but I thought people who have might have put this one together would help to simplify some things for me. I tackle things tougher than most people do. I learn more that way. As I have learned alot buy doing this one, from help as others have given me. I wasn't looking for perfection only advive. All I seem to be getting is don't do this one, go to something else first. I don't have alot of money nor do I want o build another first, due to my whole desk is tore up wit hthis build. I will finish this one regardless of the outcome, or the time. I have spent to much time and energy to just say screw it. If it takes me 20 builds to get it right I will get er done.

    I guess I was hoping to much as in saying the instructions are not that great, for some to remember what it was like for them to start out, and go Hey this means this and that or do this and that. Was not my intention to critisize anything about the desigers of the model. I have stated it's an absouluty amazing model. If it wasn't I wouldn't care about building it. I just wanted some help, and I went about it wrong, and I am sorry for that Will. It just gets fustrating when I ask something and I don't get an answer , the question gets side tracked. I spend most of my time on this model, and some days i take a break. So usually when I ask I am on that part and have to wait until I hear something. But as with alot of this I figure it out on my own and move on.

    So I will say sorry again. I didn't mean to offend anyone.

    I'll post the end result someday of this model. Until then not sure. Dosen't look like anyone wants me to continue with this one.
  8. Clashster

    Clashster Member

    Hey Slorvex! I can understand the not wanting to do a model that doesn't intrest you - I tend to go for the more difficult or intricate ones myself. Perhaps you didn't ask for help the right way, but that should not deter you! I think most of the people on this forum are willing to help and give advice. I have been following your build and would like to see your progress, as I am fairly new to the medium and wish to encourage all the newbies! Perhaps knowing that you have established that you are going to do this model one way or another, everyone can drop the "try another first". It is sound advice, but not something that you're interested in. So let's move on! I wish I could give you the help you need, but unfortunately, I'm not the guy! Keep at it, keep posting!
  9. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    Thank you this is what this build is all about. To help the less experienced builders, to becomming better ones.
  10. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Its not just you, when I tried to build it I gave him grief about it too.... Sorry man.... I recall there were others before me too so its been a lot of negativity for Will over time, especially for making such an intricate model for free.

    Its not that we want you to give up on it. We want you to do something else to build the skill set to make it a more plausible (and enjoyable) build. Sure you will be able to do it (I HOPE!!!!) :D after 20 tries but personally I would prefer to build my skill set with other models and have something to show for all the spent effort then come back and build airwolf in one (or two) tries - just my philosophy that is different from yours. I will eventually come back and build airwolf for certain as its the first paper model I saw that made me go WOW. Besides I promised it to my father in law..... heh heh in any case do carry on and build away I just hope you stick it out and build more afterwards. I will appreciate EVERY darn picture you put up for when I want to build mine - lots of closeups please :)
  11. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    You got it.
  12. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    Well Starting over as I type this, paper is printing. I will get back to this thread when I get finished. Will hopefully be taking pictures of the build as I progress learned alot already. Will be taking my time on this one.
  13. barry

    barry Active Member

    I don't know how you build things normally but my feeling is I would cut out allthe formers and skins for the fuselage making the former thickness about 0.8 (1 piece of cardstock and a cornflake packet) to 1mm (go out and buy it I suppose) with the strengthened formers you should able to do a dry run if necessary tacking with the odd spot of glue and play with till you are happy you know how it fits without having to start all over again. Have fun anyway !



    ps Please don't build the Boeing Clipper next I have no time for about 3 months(just joking)
  14. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Very funny barry! :p however that is tempting...... heh heh

    Got any black ink left in the printer? ;)
  15. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    Actually the one I was building wasn't bad, it was the glue all over the place I didn't like. Formers I had 1mm thickness, that wasn't the issues, the issues where, the wrapping of the formers, and no not the fuselage. I mean the skin on top of the formers before the fuselage. That was one of the answers I really didn't get a response to. Bottom line I didn't do a good job, so the tail section kind of didn't fit right due to the frame being to thick, due to my wrapping skills. :) I guess thats what happens , when one gets in a hurry. I also have added some tabs to things before i cut them out, to make things easier.

    Like I said before, I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes. And as we all know, no 2 people build the same model the exact same way. We all have differen't ideas of how things could go or not go. Thats why I think these threads are important for everyone. Not to bash each other because of some differences.
  16. barry

    barry Active Member

    I use 80 gsm paper to wrap the formers for a gluing edge. If there are none provided in the kit just stick them on and put cuts in them to allow for the curves as you go.
  17. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    Just an update. I havn't forgot about this build. I just got side tracked, and I know someone will shoot me, because i put away paper for a few, for plastic. After Christmas my ordered Airwolf model came in and have been working on that. But I must say my I have wrrapped the body and started working on the nose, and i put the fusalage around the formers, and damn I did a heck of a job it's all smooth and the lines line up correctly. I did take a pick of how I wrapped the formers, and it's something I came up with and no one told me to do. I will post the pic later as when I get into this build again. I start a new job tomorrow , so things will slow down a bit on this project, and after I build the Plastic Airwolf. Hoped everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  18. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    Sorry for the quality of the pics, trying to take close ups and having a steady hand while doing it is tough. Any wayys I was messing around with being creative, and this seems to work the best for me getting a nice wrapping of the formers and putting on the fusalage. Anything that was not level i went back and put another short peice on top to even it out. I took 3 inch 1/4 inch strips of paper and folded and created the out line of the formers. I have already tested out the fusealage ans it all seems to fit flawlessly.



  19. lizzienewell

    lizzienewell Member

    Interesting approach that resembles traditional wooden boat building. I believe that those strips are called either wales or strakes. Wale is the root word of gunwale. The traditional thing is to chaulk the spaces between the wales with oakum and pine-tar.
  20. Slorvex

    Slorvex New Member

    I just use glue. lol :)

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