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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by steitler212, May 26, 2008.

  1. steitler212

    steitler212 WW2 Airplane Guru

    i was wondering if anybody had any FREE airliner models they could send me. i would gladly appreciate it thanks anything jet is really needed as is the Constellation :mrgreen:

  2. pahorace

    pahorace Member

  3. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

  4. pahorace

    pahorace Member

    Ho yes..., of course..., Bob's 707! Very nice model.
    But it is a bit difficult. :rolleyes: least for me.:mrgreen:

  5. steitler212

    steitler212 WW2 Airplane Guru

    does anyone know a good source for buying airliner models please let me know do u know if any of Guidos airliners are free or available for purchase thanks


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