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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Jimi, Feb 25, 2005.

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    Hi all! i know that it's a waste if i dont share this great site. nope. no free models (even pictures). but it's a site that may be helpful to model aircraft designers. check out this page

    From aeroncas to zlins, Agustas to westlands, they have the most complete listing of the airfoils used by airplanes. given are the airfoils at the wing root and wing tip. pretty helpful if one wants to build a wing accurately.

    there is another site although i forgot the address. inside are Jpeg images of the airfoils. I'd post the site when i find it.
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    oh wait, i just found the site. after getting the airfoil designation, the images can be found at

    (if you guys use rhino or autocad, just import the image of the airfoil then just plot and connect the nodes with splines. :)
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    Thanks Charlie for the pointer to my Rhino site. Anyone checking this out, please note it was written with Rhino v2 in mind, and there are some differences (only small) regarding scripting in version 3. I can update this if anyone needs more details. And I ought to finish the original tutorial as well.....

    Tim P

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