Airfix, Humbrol & Heller in Receivership

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Gil, Sep 3, 2006.

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    Dang. Double dang. I suppose this means I had better keep my backlog of kits unbuilt, since they are now collector's items. I've built at least a half-dozen Lancs over the years....have fond memories from the 50's involving airfix builds, bee-bee guns, and ultimately cherry bombs and funeral pyres. Such politically incorrect fun we had as kids back then.
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    Maybe we've all been building too many paper models and not enough plastic ones?:wink:

    Scott K.
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    Guess the problem is rather that all those new eastern european and east asian manufacturers have pushed into the market quite recently, partly with a quality far superior than those good old airfix kits. But I agree with Darwin: I will keep my kit of the "Angel Interceptor" and the DH.88 Comet I treasured since many years unbuilt for a while.

    Greetings, Martin
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    1. Kids pocket money market vanished.
    2. Modern CAD/CAM processes made new kit design and manufacture far quicker.
    3. Production in the Far East drove down costs to keep products viable in a low volume market.
    4. Enthusiast based market now expected MUCH higher standards of part detail, research and precision.
    5. Incorporation of mixed materials (etchings, resin castings etc) now accepted as the norm, not something 'Special'.
    6. Tooling design enabling multiple versions of a subject type, with extra parts for version changes.
    7. Multi releases with alternate decal options.
    8. Top quality box-top illustrations.
    9. Adherence to release schedules.

    Tim P (wunwinglow)
  7. Kaz

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    I read somewhere that Airfix was primarily middle aged men's domain, perhapd we just have too big a mortgage....
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    I have just turned 48. My childhood was filled with Airfix kits! In the 1960's here in the UK, every boy will have built several Airfix kits through the year, some like me would get through one a week! Prices were at pocket money levels, certainly the first 3 series of kits were obtainable with a little saving or extra chores, and of course Birthdays and Christmas presents would provide the bigger 4-engined bombers, battle ships etc; Airfix usually released something spectacular in the Autumn.

    Look at the sales figures; hundreds of thousands of kits sold each year in that period. Airfix kits were far and away a childrens play thing at that time, although of course there were many adults who enjoyed building them too.

    Times have changed. Markets have changed. But kids still love making things. But those kits of the 60s didn't patronise kids by being 'instant'. They demanded a bit of effort. And that is where a lot of modern toys let down children, they try to do it all, straight out of the box, with no need for effort or imagination.

    Funnily enough, this is EXACTLY what was said about Airfix kits in the 1960's!!!

    Tim P (wunwinglow)

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