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    dHello all. Since this is my first post to this usergroup, let me tell you a little about my modelling. I started card modelling 4-5 years ago after buying some "old Geller kits" at Oshkosh for a buck apiece. F-105, Hurricane, Dornier, Heinkel 111, etc. I must have bought a dozen of them.I've only built the F-105 to completion. Started the Dornier, but threw it away after the cat took a liking to the spot occupied by the plane. ( She smashed it and chewed up a wing!) Anyhooo, I've built several other card models, rockets, a space shuttle, DN V-108, Hughes racer, et al. Now I'm building the Westland Whirlwind from this site, finally decided to put the wheels down on a model and I'm thoroughly disgusted with the way the wheels look. Does anyone have a good method for producing wheels? The wheels in the pictures of the model are plainly NOT what is included in the kit. Do I use balsa, laminated cardstock,or what? Turn them on a lathe? Buy them from a supplier? Aaaagh!
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    our knowledge base/book has a chapter on making the various kinds of wheels

    Take a peek

    ps, Welcome, and we are more than a usergroup :D
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    Thank you, gentlemen for the info on wheels. I read the excellent article on the P-51build. Your first outing in card modelling looks like a real success! I want to look at the "knowledge base/book". Where is that?
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    the articles section at the top of any page


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