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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by dwgannon, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. dwgannon

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    I have decided it is time to repaint and build the B-52D and the B-1B Bombers. This is my first attempt and so far I am pleased. I have rescaned and rescaled both Aircraft to 1/48th scale from 1/33. These will still be large Aircraft but will not be as over powering as the 1/33 scale would be. :grin:

    What I have done so is this.

    The B-1B The original design came as Aircraft 86-0110 stationed at Grand Forks. Year 1990. The Aircraft was named the Sunrise Suprise. The model did not come with the graphics. The tail of the Aircraft also had a crude attempt at the SunFlake. This was removed and the right graphics have been applied. Also some modifications will need to be made to the panel lines. The lettering was incorrect on the tail also so that had to be changed. Also the paint schema was wrong. Way to light. So what I will be repainting this also. But here is a quick look at the work in progress. This is a beta build so you will see many mistakes.


  2. Bowdenja

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    Cool Dave! Dueling builds! B-52 v.s B-1 A battle of Heavyweights!

    Look Ash-----BUFF in the works!

    Glad to see you working again!

  3. dwgannon

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    The picture of the B-52D will be all you see. I have an almost completed cockpit. But after talking to Ash and seeing the color chart he sent me I decided that this one must go. We will do a new one. I hope to start this week end on the B-52D. The B-1B is still under going the paint job. I just wanted to see how the nose Art lined up.
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    I've seen the beginnings of the repaint using the SEA B-52 colors. It's gonna look good. Soon as my medical problems allow, I will be getting back to my repaint of the "Snake" and a few other birds.

    In the meantime, the Bone is also starting out nice.

    Dave...when we talked, you mentioned a shot an E model showing the upper windows. Could you email a copy of the photo? I went through my BUFF shots and couldn't find one showing the upper windows.
  5. dwgannon

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    Look at this web site. It's pictures of EC01-0084-5. Look at the top down views. You can see the windows inplace on the pilot and co-pilot hatches. It has the ejection hatch windows that I remember. I know on Guam we could not get them in when they had to be replaced so we used sheet metal replacements.

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