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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by rockpaperscissor, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Greetings all,

    While surfing the web I came across this website of free aircraft 3-view drawings. There's got to be hundreds of them. They are simple line drawings, but I thought they might be of interest to paper modelers. Seems like a good starting point to build up a 3D design from. Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out
    My apologies if this has been posted before.
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    Ok Don. Your avatar is killing me. I have seen that commercial/show/whatever and cannot remember where it is
    from. Please help me remember!

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    Yeah, I'm over in Germany, and for the life of me, I cannot remember where
    I seen them. Haven't been home there for 3 years, so I know it wasn't there.
    Some program over here. Just not sure where.

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    Thanks for the pointer, Don!
    This is an excellent site for referance and will definately come in handy!


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