Airbus A300-600ST, "Beluga"

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    Hello everyone,
    After months of inactivity, I am designing a 'Beluga' 1:200 (it's a huge plane) paper model, after a fascinating visit to the Airbus facility at Toulouse. Although the A380 was magnificent, it was the 'ugly duckling' Beluga which gave me the drive to design a model, which is otherwise nowhere to be seen in modeller circles. Problem: the internet only gave me a couple of photos, and from the Airbus web site, I managed to procure a tiny 3-view of the aircraft. Airbus themselves were of no help whatsoever, and I wondered if the organisation knows what public relations is all about! 1 single terse reply to 3 emails of mine, to look at the tiny 3-view they offered on their site! You would think it was on the highest secrecy list. I could never get past the site's webmaster, as they publish no email adresses, only telephone numbers.
    I did what I could, and the main design is nearly finished, but I would like to know whether ANYONE can help me with decent 3-side views of the beast. If not, my not over-authentic model plans will be FREELY available within a week or 2 on my web site . So go ahead and give me some advice.
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    Thanks a lot, Bhelliom, that's great.
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    A/B drawings

    Hello! Looks like the plastic kit it the only help You may get for Your model. Not much chance for a proper scale drawings of Airbus or Boeing.

    They look at modellers as a potental threat, not at a people who coul'd make the a good advertisement... Why?:confused: I don't know!!

    So far I have seen only an old A-300 drawings

    Best regards

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    Te deseo la mejor de las suertes en tu proyecto!

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