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    :thumb:Not sure if this is where this should be, but well give it a shot......Just pickied up an airbrushing setup, and Ive been experimenting with it, but can't seem to get the H2o to paint ratio right. Im just using acrylic craft paints, but they always come out too watery.......can I not use the acrylics? or should I use something else to cut them with? Any advice would be appreciated
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    Denatured Alcohol

    Denatured Alcohol (DA) at around 5 or 6-to-1 DA-to-acrylic paint is what I was using with "Bright Blue" from Apple Barrel the other day in a 3/4 oz paint jar on a Model 200 from Badger.

    I used a test piece of paper where:

    - paint won't come out or is splotchy = add more DA, shake and try again

    - if paper curls up or sags = add a few drops of acrylic craft paint, shake and try again

    PS: I was using a NH nozzle on the 200 and I use a Medium nozzle on my Badger 150.
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    awesome, ill try alcohol, I thought that might be an option but didnt know for sure......

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