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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by nachoman, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. nachoman

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    does anyone know of a good website that describes the history and different types of air brake systems - preferrably with diagrams? I've always just stuck those parts on my frieght cars without giving them much thought. I've got a few hours to kill before I hop on Amtrak.

  2. Freelancer

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  3. nachoman

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    hey, cool, thanks!

    I am on my way from lincoln, ne to salt lake city. Should be a fun ride.

  4. deeredriver

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    another nebraskan huh well im english really live in alma nebraska drive truck for a livin around north platte and surounding areas see lots of coal trains up there suposed to be the bigest rail yard in the world there so im told need to check it out one of thes days hope you have a good trip
  5. Freelancer

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    Be sure to take a lot of pictures to share with us when you return and have a safe trip!

  6. nachoman

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    well, i am actually an arizonan who goes to school in utah and has been doing research in lincoln. I've been in lincoln for about 3 weeks using some university facilities. But, the sumer is over and it is time to head back to utah in time for another semester. BTW - lincoln is a great city for rail activities - plenty of trains roll through here, and many of the abandoned rail lines have been preserved as bicycle trails (all of which i explored). The station downtown has a CB&Q ten-wheeler cosmetically restored, and several box cars annd a caboose. Last night, i went for a walk by the station, and overheard two gentelman talking about "layouts" :)

  7. jim currie

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  8. KCS

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    Well, ain't this neat. Two truck driver's on the forum (that I know of) and a soon to be truck driver with many truck driver friends in the train world. My step dad used to drive for Dick Simon based out of SLC, UT. Had to quit though because the landlord was rasing hell about him being on the road for a month and only coming home for two days. So we had to move after his quit. Made me wanna beat that old lady for giving up a great job. Out of the many trucking companies they were one of the best.

    They had good equipment with a smooth ride, Freightliners with Cummins rather than that nonsense Detroit calls a motor. Air ride trailer's, trucks were kept really clean and were well maintained. By far the best dispatchers I've ever seen. They keep you rolling and go out of their way to get you the miles. But all that was before it went to Central Ref. after that guy slammed his truck head on into the California capitol at 65 MPH. Set Dick back millions and he ended up having to go bankrupt reducing the company fleet better than half of what they had and forcing a name change.

    Ol' Jerry Moise is trying to buy up everything, monopolizing the trucking industry and now he's going after BNSF where he just got 3,800 container trailers to add to his fleet. I guess I kinda hi-jacked this thread with this post lol. Sorry. I guess we need a "Truck drivers" thread now. :D
  9. ausien

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    Breaker, Breaker, truck drivers. a great way to see the country. wish I was young again, I might just drive a truck, if I had it to do all over again.. perhaps not, long cold nights on the road, crazy car drivers( me included), much like droving which I did for about 20 yrs, long nights watching over a heard, mates around a night fire,out on the ranges now that was a way off life... have a good one..steve
  10. nachoman

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    just wanted to let you all know I made it safely back to salt lake on amtrak. sorry, no photos - I accidentally buried my camera too deep in my bag :( If you have never taken the ride from denver to salt lake on the zephyr - i highly recommend it. I lost count of how many tunnels we went through. the scenery is first-rate. the coolest thing is to watch other trains from the superliner cars as we pass. near helper, UT, we passed a coal train heading the same direction as us. It must have taken 20 minutes to completely overtake it. Total cost - about a hundred bucks one-way.

  11. Freelancer

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    Glad to here that you made it safely! Too bad about you camera, I guess it just means we will have to make the trip for ourselves. I have often debated on taking a short round trip somewhere, now I know where. LOL

    Welcome home!

  12. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Tis a pity, but here in Phoenix, the sixth largest city in the US, does not have rail service. They closed the station a good five years ago and now one has to drive about 50 miles south in order to catch an Amtrak. The real bad thing is that no one put up a real fight. Hey, I don't know, I guess it left more room for freight, which I hear we are maxed out right now for places to park freight cars.
  13. GeorgeHO

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    If you're interested in the brakes for today's high speed trains -- look up KNOOR brakes on your search engine. The company is located in Westminster MD.
  14. RailRon

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    Sorry George, the name is KNORR - not KNOOR.

    The Knorr Brake Corporation is the US daughter of the German original Knorr brake manufacturer, and the website is here.


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