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    Yet another version: The brick walls on this building are made from embossed cardboard. (Robin, do you listen? :D )

    Generally I avoid spray painting for weathering buildings. First I brush painted the walls with Humbrol enamel paint (#70, matt Brick Red) full strength. Then I added a very thin wash of diluted matt white, wiping it off with a soft rag. By varying the amount of the wash and the intensity of wiping I acieved the effect of washed out mortar running down the bricks.

    Sorry for the bad quality of the scan. :(


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    Hi Don,

    That roof looks good to me... Lots of houses around where I live (and some other buildings, churches, etc) have tin roofs and are painted with an aluminum type paint every couple of years. Looks just like your model. In fact, my house had a silver roof until we had it painted with heavy duty black enamel paint to seal everything up again. I am hoping it will last another 100 years - it is the original roof!

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    I tried a few different things thanks to the feedback I got here and this is what I came up with. It started out as cherry red brick. I painted it with the mortar color and then dry brushed a brownish brick color over that, then finished it with a light ink wash. and, uh, Charlie, if the roof looks familiar, uh, I kinda borrowed that from you. Thanks.

    Also, I drybrushed the other roof I showed earlier with a light rust and I think it looks better too.

    Gee, if I keep this up, I might wind up knowing what I'm doing someday:D :D

  4. ezdays

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    Sorry, my pictures got oblverated and I for some reason I can't edit or delete my post.

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  5. ezdays

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    For some reason I am having trouble posting more than one picture at a time.:rolleyes:

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    Ezdays the LL Police Station and Bachmann school look great. I have the Police Station sitting on my layout looking pitiful and unfinished. Seeing what you did to the roof and the weathering you have given me a feww ideas.
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    Looks great Don!:cool: :) :cool: :)

    Matt--Hershey, Pa.
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    Those both look fantastic Don!!
    It's amazing what a little paint & imagination can do for those plastic kits!
    Thanks for sharing those, & keep us posted on your progress!
  9. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way


    Thanks again for you kind words and guidance, and especially for your pictures. This stuff is fun, and even more so when things turn out the way you think they should :)

    I am learning from the masters. Just think, in this thread alone there are four or five different techniques for aging, a half dozen different ways to handle roofs and a bunch of pictures to back it all up.:D :D :D :D

    D:cool: N

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