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  1. TEP 60

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    What subway trains are ever this moment produced in H0? And- again- are any subway contact rails ever produced in H0?
  2. Life-Like Proto 1000 has the NY R17
  3. TEP 60

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    What about the contact rail for these subway cars?
  4. 60103

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    Peco produce a third rail for British style. You buy the rail (not sure which type) and packets if insulators to support it. This is mounted in holes drilled in the ends of the ties. It does not have the wooden covers and such. It is not sturdy.

    You might get away with small rail soldered to brass pins.
  5. TEP 60

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    Are any more producers making contact subway rails in H0/00?
  6. jetrock

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    Third rail is very much a specialty item, so it's pretty unlikely that you will be able to find it ready-made. Model Memories makes hangers for third rail, it appears that it is intended to simulate "under-running" third rail rather than the "over-running" style used in subways. Your best bet is probably to get some bulk rail stock (probably in a code lighter than you're using for your track) and run it alongside your mainline, using a bit of tie every tenth tie or so to secure the third-rail. Not much work, pretty cheap, and it would look pretty close to prototype, so there really isn't much call for a commercial product.
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