After 2 weeks?!?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Amazyah, Sep 22, 2006.

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    It's wonderful to be back!

    Hpept, you definately have my sympathy!
    Man, there has got to be another way for you to connect to the internet.
    It sounds like you are accessing through narod.

    Webdude, I sent you a small donation. Thanks for pointing out the right pages for me and thanks for all you do!

    Phil, TWE - Sick em boy! Sick em!

    Josve - Thanks buddy! I was going nuts not being able to get on here.
    Now I am happier than a pig in poop! 8v)

    Milenio - Thanks and I made my post. I have been dotted!

    Cgutzmer - I know where you live man!
    Just kidding!
    I put my planes on hold while I was in limbo.
    I will be posting some pics here shortly of what I was building while there!

  3. Dnlgtr

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    I too know what it is like to be suffering Internet AND PC withdrawl. I had to have my PC serviced. MALware removal. Took it to Curcuit City, got it back 1 week later, first time in use worked oK for a few hours then Crashed again. Complete shut-down then reboot. I did not turn it on for almost a week before I could go back to C.C. They could not explain the problem. Took it to a new place here and was told too many MS files were damaged, I would have to re-install the OS.I guess that is a Hard-drive format. Took all first day back on-line to re-install lost software. But I am back and happy.

    I can understand your fellings while not being able to get here. Welcomje back, and lets hope no-one has to go tjrough something like this again..
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    Glad to see you are back in business here.

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