AF #915 Car Unloader - new help restoring

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    AF #915 Car Unloader - need help restoring

    I hope someone can help me, because my AF repair manual has nothing on this car. I have an AF #915 car unloader that I'm trying to restore. Both of the trucks are missing. Do any of you have a detail diagram of how to install the trucks and how the wires are connected? I know one truck needs the pickup bar and I think the other truck needs to be metal wheels but I'm not sure. I don't know what bushing, washers and all I need to get it back together. Would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.
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    Hi AM:
    The "Complete Service Manual" by K-Line has a diagram on page 189 of a coal unloading car. This is basically the same as the 915 as far as set up and wiring.There is a more detailed diagram of the pickup arm equipped truck on page 223.

    The 915 uses knuckle couplers so you need to get a pair of these. The truck with the pickup arm is special, it has a rectangular hole in it so the pickup arm can stick through it, and it will have plastic wheels. The other truck will have metal wheels on one side and plastic wheels on the other. The current path is from the base post track, through the metal wheels to the chassis to the solinoid to the pickup arm, to the "third rail" track pickup segment to the control button and finally to the fixed voltage post of your transformer.

    Call Joe Haenn at Joe's Train Repair and he can fix you up with all the parts you need.

    Joe's Train Repair FAX Orders: 919/471-2613*9
    404 Shetland Road Rougemont, NC 27572-9338

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    Thanks Ted,
    I appreciate the help. I will get awhole of a K-line manual and check it out.


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