Aerobird maiden flights

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by BillA, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. BillA

    BillA New Member

    Yesterday and this morning were the mainden flights on my Aerobird. Yesterday I finally found an area large enough to give the Aerobird a try. It was quite windy and from my past experience with a lost FirebirdXL I knew I should not fly this day, what the heck, I have elevator control this time. After checking the trim I toss the AB into the wind at full throttle, it climbs perfectly in the turbulent air, I throttle back to half throttle at the detent on the slider. I have added the X-pack tail by the way. I manage to get the AB to make nice easy gentle turns in both directions, very pleased with the response (turns WAY better than my FBXL). It has been a year since I flew the FBXL and I forgot how nerve racking it can be flying in wind (my knees were knocking so bad I thought my pants would catch fire from the friction). After about five minutes I decided that I had better land before I loose this one too. I made a broad turn into the wind, cut power and glided to a hard and flat landing, using a little down elevator to force it down due to the wind, I flared a little late and landed hard and flat, however there was zero damage. What a difference the elevator made. Today I tried two more flights each about five minutes in length, I was anxious to try some landings. Even though the landing caused me to walk 75-100 feet to where I brought it down they were both perfect glide in landings with a little flare at the end to settle smoothly onto the ground (dirt, rocks and small weeds, kinda like the surface of Mars, except for the weeds.). Zero damage so far. Between the added tail control surfaces and the elevator this was way better than the FBXL which I tended to cartwheel all to often on landing attempts. I know that I will crash this AB many times and I was somewhat supprised to have made three flights and landings without any damage so far. I am hooked, I would have flown more today but the wind picked up a little and I did not want to push my good luck.
    I had taped all wing edges and performed the motor mod using a zip tie prior to the first flights.
  2. poopygood

    poopygood New Member

    Great job on your maiden flight(s)!!!

    What was the wind speed you were flying in approx? >10mph?

    What does taping the wing do/help/prevent?

    I'm familiar with the ziptie/motor mod already.
  3. BillA

    BillA New Member


    The wind seemed to be about 5-8 mph, the flag on the antenna when held horizontal was at about 30 degrees deflection (max) when held directly in the face of the wind and with increasing gusts I must have approached 10mph winds and a ribbion deflection of >45 degrees, sometimes getting horizontal with the antenna. I got to the point where I felt ahead of the game and had a fun a damage free day.

    Taping the wing edges especially the Trailing Edge (TE) closest to the prop helps to reduce damage from prop rash on hard wing to ground landings. Taping the Leading Edge (LE) has helped me because the only field close by has low weeds and brush which allmost always contacts the wing surfaces upon landing. With the tape I suffer very little to no damage to this critical surface.

    You MUST find and real all posts by Aeajr, this man knows this bird, inside out and has MANY excellent sujjestions to improve your bird and ensure a better experience. you might also search and Have fun and be safe.
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