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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by TexDoc, Oct 29, 2007.

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    I installed decoders in my PA-1 and E8's (Kato). The PA's are running fine, but the E8's are giving me fits! I can gently push on the top of the plug over the decoder and get them to move, but nothing else seems to help. I taped the plug down, and nada. I taped the back of the decoder and nada. I get the light and everything programs. I set the Mars light and it works fine. Just can't get the stinkin' engines to run without giving them the finger. Should I try some attachment, like Amazing Wire Glue to secure the strips to the decoder? Help please. I have had these locos for nearly ten years, sitting there in the boxes and now, finally can really run them thanks to DCC, and they sit there and flash their Mars lights at me.
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    What decoder is in the E8? Does the E8 still run on DC?
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    DN163K0A, and yes they do run in DC. They run fine in DCC as long as I push on the plug that holds the board down. Its just that I'd like to run them with the shell on and not have to trot around the layout putting pressure on the plug.
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    Finding a better solution...

    than 0-5-0 to stop the short. It sounds like you have a short according to Step 7 in the installation guide from Digitrax (

    "7. Place the locomotive on the track, select address 03 on your throttle and
    apply power. If the motor does not respond but you can control the lights,
    check the installation for motor short circuits.
    For this installation, be sure
    the kapton tape is preventing contact between the brass pick up rails and the
    brass motor clips."

    I had this happen on an old Atlas engine and ended up pulling everything out and starting again but with a little filing of the edges of the circuit board the second go-round so things 'fit as engineered, not as I placed them'...
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    If this is N scale, and by the part# that is what we are working with.( I think)
    The Digitrax boards are much thinner than the OEM board. That makes the pickup strips on both sides so that do not make good contact with the new board. Try shimmg the board down so the board will make good contact with the strips. Or you can press the dimmples on the strips up so it will contact the board. Use a small center punch to make the dimmples larger.
    If we are not talking N scale, all this could be wrong.
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    Hummm? Looks like you posted this very same question on a different forum. :confused:
    No reply here?
    Please share your cure- and the results.
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    He shimmed up the contacts, and they purr like kittens, or something like that!


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