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  1. Pocoblitzkreig

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    :confused: I have built my own steam engine (not a train) and I am having troubles getting it to work on steam. I have made a boiler out of 2" copper pipe with insulation around it. I have been able to run the engine on an air compressor down to 10lb/in. When the steam is stoked, it comes out of the seams like mad. What am I doing wrong? If it runs on an air compressor, shouldn't it run in steam? :confused: :confused:

    here is the engine I have built. I was hoping to modify to run a simple car of a platform and wheels
  2. LR&BRR

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    well for one thing you need some seals on the ports and on the pistons. i notice you dont list anything like that. try a smallo ring on the intake to the cylinder and on the piston too. this should solve the problem. they should be snug but free to move easily.
  3. Tomsz

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    He is right, this is due to the metel expanding when the eng. heats up. I've found that after "lapping" the cylinder and slide valves my trains seem to run better and tends to stop all the leaks, or at least most of them. Also I've found that business cards seem to make great gaskets. Also make sure that you don't have your cylinders full of water, this happens just when you first put steam into the cylinders and their cold so the steam condenses and makes them jam. If this happens just try running it in different directions to clear them. Lastly, I would want to make sure your using a good "steam cylinder oil".


  4. Ray Marinaccio

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    Your air compressor most likely produces more volume at 10psi than your boiler thus compensating for leakage.
  5. Slick

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    What are you using for a boiler? Nothing too big I hope....... are you using a throttle valve to regulate the amount of steam going to the engine? (may make one myself, looks neat) Don't worry too much about steam oil on that little engine, just use some 3-1 to loosen it up. The metal will expand as it gets hot, this will produce steam leaks...... go back and make sure your solder joints are good (dry that thing out before taking a torch to it....... Also, have you tried giving that "Fly wheel" a spin to get it started? Good Luck, I may find myself at Ace Hardware tomorrow..........

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