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    Hello all, most of you probably don't remember me. I made a terrible Optimus prime and Lion Voltron model a while back, started on Vehicle Voltron then life got in the way with work and having a new baby (well he's 1 1/2 now)have kept me pretty busy lately. Now however I am ready to start anew and have been practicing like crazy and hope my skills have improved enough to make up for those horrid creations:eek:

    So here is a model I'm working on at the moment. I posted this, and figured seems how things have changed here I might as well post here as well(Thanks Ekuth:thumb:)

    First a little bit of back story on the character, The Adventures of Spawn is a free online web comic made by Tod McFarlane productions which is available here It is more or less a saturday morning cartoon type of feel lent to a normally adult oriented comic. Omega Spawn is basically a robotic version of the original Spawn, the Omega Squadron army are clones of Omega Spawn.

    reference image used

    A few w.i.p. renders

    Original Spawn style custom colors(not available with the figure, what I wanted to see)

    Omega Squadron colors

    Omega Spawn colors (from webcomic)

    test build pics

    These build pics are a few days old, I have the main body completed I will try to get some pics up later today or tomorrow. Comments and crits of all types are welcome:mrgreen: seriously if you guys see something you think could use improving I am all ears as my goal is to improve as much as possible.
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    That looks AWESOME! :eek:

    Welcome back!
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    Thank you Ekuth!:mrgreen: Thank you for the warm welcome as well:thumb: I hope everything works out well for you, hopefully if everybody works together we can get this place back to it's former glory.

    *edit* added pics

    Here is my current progress with the build, I also have one foot completed. Going to try to get some build time in before we take the kids trick or treating. This build was a little rushed cause most of the time I have two little boys trying to climb on me to see what daddy is doing:mrgreen:(that and my little one got a hold of it for a second and almost crushed it completely)

    Forgive the bad quality of the photos, obviously photography is not my forte:cry:

    (one thing to note is that the head is not glued on so it looks a little off to the side)
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    I remember you Voltron5; welcome back! Sorry for coming in so late to your thread. I'd say your skills have improved considerably. And thank you for returning and posting. Much appreciated!

    SEBRET Member

    Looks awesome so far, can't wait to see the finished product.
  7. mariano_dg

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    hermoso modelo, esper ver pronto algun avance!
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    Thank you guys for the positive comments, it's very much appreciated. I haven't had any real time to build anything on this guy in the past 2 months with the Holiday rush and everything. The past week I have been playing with my new toy I got for Christmas from the wife, which was a Wacom 4x6 Intuos3 tablet:mrgreen: I plan to get back to building him and continuing work on other projects as soon as I get used to the new tablet(never used one before) probably have him released by February 1st:thumb:
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    Great to see you back :)
    LOL i just sent u a pm the other day to see how u were doing ..
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    Great news! I really like this design.

  11. voltron5

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    Thanks again Clif, would you be interested in doing a build before release?
    I'm 99% sure I already have the kinks worked out(want to be certain though), but most everyone else probably builds faster than me:rolleyes: so figured I'd make the offer. If so just pm me your e-mail and I'll send you the files.
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    Finally got some good build time in on this guy yesterday and today. All I have left to do is the shoulder armor, the cannons and misc. parts that go to them, hoses, and the spikes then I can call this guy done and get him released. I have the templates finalized already just making sure it's not too difficult to build or there aren't any parts that are confusing to assemble. Any and all crits are welcomed[​IMG]



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    It looks great sorry I didn't see your message before today. I've been tied up at work and working some at home and haven't had time to read the board. Good looking model.

  14. Vyceroy

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    Nice design and build ..
  15. voltron5

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    Thanks for the reply guys. I haven't forgotten about this model, I just haven't had the drive to cut any parts out lately. I am looking at getting a craft robo cutter so am waiting till I get it to do any further work.
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    nice work on the model!
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    Oops! Just realized I hadn't posted the links for the finished model for this. It ended up being posted to Action Papercrafts.

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    Nice work!
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    nice job on the model

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