Admiral Graf Spee 1/400

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by DarthPineapple, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Hello card modelers,

    A few days ago I finished my first WWII ship, the Admiral Graf Spee from 'Modelismo Naval Uruguay' or so it says in the files. It is in 1/422 scale, so that's roughly 1/400.
    Although she's definitely not the best-looking papercraft ship ever made, I am personally very proud of her.
    For a free kit it is very good. Some edges of the deck and hull had to be cut off but other than that there were no big mistakes.
    I also modified it a little by making the 2 main gun turrets and plane catapult turnable, as well as adding a more detailed plane (which was originally a lot larger).

    Well, enjoy the pictures.Tips on how to improve are very welcome! :oops:







    ~DP :wave:
  2. Oliver Bizer

    Oliver Bizer Member

    Grest ship and model!
    For me is looking good :thumb:
  3. Padre

    Padre Member

    Asking for scans from the JSC model sure sounds like he wants it for free. Do NOT send him scans!
  4. Rangerdog

    Rangerdog New Member

    Interesting project.
  5. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Requesting scans of models is what most folks would call piracy... I would strongly suggest that you re-think that choice, Darth.

    Sharing free models is one thing. Sharing scans of commercial models is quite another... :cry:

    Consider this a friendly warning. announce1
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  6. He asked if I wanted to have it, I didn't ask for it...
    That's being friendly, not piracy.

    And thank you, Oliver. :oops:
  7. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Your work is quite good. The turret and plane work is impressive.

    The issue about the Scharnhorst is this: Whether you asked for it or not you now have a copy of the JSC Scharnhorst kit that you did not pay for. This has deprived JSC of income to which they are entitled. If you post the build here then Zealot could be held liable for damages in court. Zealot is not willing to take that chance and as moderators we are charged with enforcing their policy. Neither Zealot, papermodelers nor ecardmodels allow posting about such models.

    I don't think you are guilty of nefarious deeds. You stumbled into a very touchy subject. Friendly or not it's called piracy. And the policy here is simple - piracy in any form is not allowed. For detailed discussions about the matter just search the forum for "piracy", "copyright law" or "intellectual property". Or search the internet for "DMCA".

    You are a talented modeler and have contributed a lot to the forum in the past. Please stick with us. I look forward to seeing other builds from you.
  8. Thank you, Elliot. I wasn't planning on posting pics of the build here though. And if you don't feel comfortable then I won't for sure. I know that these scans are not 100% legal but you need to know that I have never seen any shops which sell card models in this country. Seriously, this might seem pretty odd, but I've never seen them. To add to that the free model selection of WWII ships is pretty limited and I was really exited when I was offered these scans.

    So I hope you understand why I said yes. If you feel uncomfortable feel free to delete all posts concerning this matter, I've removed it from my original post too.
  9. PModel Rookie

    PModel Rookie Member

    So darth,you printed it on an A4 paper,and set the print margin to "None"? I kinda test to build the guns,it kinda...well...not very fit,or is it just me?
  10. papernovice

    papernovice New Member

    oH, ANOTHER great ship

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