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  1. DN

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    Ok guys - here is a thread where we all will decide what the replacement for the Admirable will be. Some suggestions from myself - not that it is a requirement - I really want to get your best input and then follow it:
    1. I tend to do my freebees so that the deck is small enough to fit one 26cmx19cm page.
    2. The scale is up to you.
    3. I have a hard time deciding what resolution the files should be - I have no problem making it 1200dpi, but somehow I think 300dpi is the most universal :roll: .
    4. Those who will come with the "winning" suggestion will be required - under the law - to supply drawings, web site links and any other materials required to design the "replacement"
    All suggestions from the previous thread are noted and taken under consideration.
    I'm counting on you :p
  2. Huey

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    How about a Peacock Class Corvette or the Viet Nam era Program IV Monitor (river boats of the "Brown Navy" [ not sure if I'm correct here])?
  3. DN

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    Just to summaries the previous thread, we have the following candidates:
    1. Confederate ironclads - I like it, but doesn't Paper Shipwrights has them all?
    2. Black Swan class frigate - I like it - what is it?
    3. Japanese Escort or patrol vessel - I like, like it (Japanese :twisted: ) but I have no plans or drawings.
    4. PC-1 Coastal Patrol Boat or the PC-14 Tornado - I like, like, like, like it - the correct size and following Jim's links I was able to find a lot of pictures and some drawings, but the drawings are to low resolution :cry:
    5. French navy WWII - I like, like it - French Navy :p - but have no references.
    6. USS Slater DE 766 - I like it but wouldn't it be too big and too complicated:?
    7. Corvette or a "Victory" ship - I like it - what is it?
    8. Fireboat John J. Harvey - I like, like it - will see if I can hunt it down somewhere here.

    no, no, no, it's up to all of us.
  4. Richard

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  5. Gil

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    Roman - Thought about this for a while. When will the Arizona be released?

    Best regards, Gil
  6. tausugAir

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    Oops! I guess yes, it's all up to US...SorRy, Roman.... Now, here are my three candidates :

    a) the Peacock (now in service with the Philippine Navy - no bias intended here);
    b) the DE766 USS Slater (DE169 USS Atherton);
    c) PCF Swift Mark 1 ( Vietnam era - Kerry's boat, perhaps)

    Thanks and regards....

    Mhmmd FAROUK
  7. barry

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    Admiable replacement

    Hi DN

    I think Black Swan is out then, it's more like a young destroyer than I thought.

    Hope I am not blowing someones copyrights.

  8. jrts

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    Hi Roman

    How about

    HMS Mohawk (1908) it would look nice against your other one :D
    Just a thought

  9. Atomsk

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    I have plans for the PCF. If you want, I can try to get copies made.
  10. Jim Krauzlis

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  11. Jim Nunn

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    My vote would be would be for any craft used by the Brown Water Navy:
    1 PBR II, a model of the boat commanded by BM1 Jim Williams winner of the medal of honor
    2 Zippo , a monitor fitted with flame throwers
    3 Monitor
    4 Swift boat

    Jim Nunn
  12. DeWayne

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    Sumner or Gearing Class Destroyer WWII/Korean War vintage (roughly 14 foot difference between the classes via a hull plug)

    DD 806 USS Higbee
  13. andrewthewise

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    Hello Everbody,

    I would like to suggest the Russian Imperial Navy “Askold†(1899). The five funnels makes it a very distinctive ship.

    The only link i have at the moment is:

    Also, if anybody has any drawings of the HMS Amphion (1911), could you let me know.


  14. Ziga

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    The Paper Shipwright doesn't have all Confederate ironclads. The only one David has is the Virginia. There were so many other and as far as I know nobody has published any paper models. I can provide all the help needed as I have much information about those vessels.
  15. as this is a proposed replacement for the Admirable I think I am correct in assuming that it going to be a free download. While I recognize this is a marketing tool on Roman's part to perk interest in his models and increase sales I also realize that we should not expect too much from a freebie. One of the American Civil War twin turret Monitors or a Confederate Ironclad or than the Virginia (Tennessee or Arkanas perhaps). But what ever Roman does decide on I am certain that it will be up to his not only usual but seemingly growing skills and standards
  16. Maurice

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    Couple of points.
    Apart from the fact that it is a freebie :D I think the success of the Admirable has largely been that it can be readily identfied for what it is. An almost generic warship with everything a warship should have but not too much of it, and not entirely tied to a specialised time and location.
    For consistency with his usual scale of 1:250, Roman's stipulations for size mean that the overall length would be limited to no more than about 65m or 210ft.
    These criteria would certainly rule out some suggestions to date, but apparently the scale is not immutable.
    BTW I rather like the 600dpi option for the Dreadnought.

    for those wanting to know the nature of a Black Swan and what they did, skip the first quarter of
    Yes they are too large and complex for this purpose.
    Also see the slightly difficult hull shape at


  17. billmcc

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  18. SCEtoAux

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    US Navy PHM

    I would suggest the US Navy's hydrofoils. They were about 41 meters long with around an 8.5 meter beam.

    Hullborne propulsion was with twin water jets powered by diesel engines. Maneuvering was accomplished by moving the jet outlets port or starboard to direct the water jet streams. Reverse was accomplished by lowering "buckets" into the water jet stream to redirect the water jet. The gas turbine engine could also be used for hull borne propulsion, but it was used mostly for foil borne propulsion.

    Foilborne propulsion was accomplished by lowering the forward and aft foils and cranking up the gas turbine. The aft foil struts had the water channels used for the water jet that was powered by the gas turbine. Foil borne maneuvering was accomplished by utilizing aircraft type control surfaces on the forward and aft foils.

    Armament was 8 Harpoon ASM's aft and an rapid fire 3" (76.2mm) gun forward.

    They were originally built for non US NATO use, but all 6 of the class saw duty in the US Navy instead. All of the instrumention on board was in metric units.

    Here are some links with information. I doubt if I will be able to follow the letter of the law as set out in the original post, though. :p :)

    Pegasus PHM Class

    US Navy PHM
  19. DN

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    Hi all, thanks for your suggestions.
    I'm still going through all of them, but here are some early "results" 8)
    Ascold and Gearing are out of the race :cry: to complicated.
    Brown Water Navy is almost out of the race :cry: - I just don't have the necessary, for a freebee, "passion" for the subject.
    Black Swan is not out of the race :p I start to like it.
    PC-14 is a good candidate - the only worry is that modern ships have this complicated radar and antenna installations.
    The rest of the proposals are still in the race.
  20. Jimi

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    Im not really much into ships and boats but i watched a very old movie once about the kriegsmarine schnellboots (known as E- boats to the allies). They were fast torpedo boats. there is a page that i saw that is dedicated to them.. try to check it out.. :D

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