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    Howdy Guys,

    I was sittin round the house kinda' bored, read all the new threads and a few of the old ones. Well, I decided to go to my favorite internet and click their images tab and just start looking at any aircraft I could think of.
    I started with biplanes, went to WWII era aircraft, then modern aircraft. Then, I decided to look up aircraft manufacturers and some of their products, and ran across a photo of a "guided missile" I have always thought was pretty neat.
    It carred no warhead that I know of, but was deployed by B-52 bomber. It was able to deploy chaff and increase speed one time during flight and make two course corrections. It was the Mcdonell ADM-20 QUAIL DECOY/DRONE. Designed to mimic the radar and heat signatures of the B-52 from which it was launched. And this was no easy task, the quail is only 12 ft long and 4 ft wide. (Talk about a "poser" lol). anyway, so I opened my paint program and in 15 minutes I drew 8 parts and came up with what you see below.
    My point being, you dont have to be a designer to make things from paper that are a reasonable facsimile, like I said this is an 8 part drone. 2 wings, 2 vert. stabilizers, 2 intakes, an exhaust and the body.....simple huh?

    have a good evening,

    Greg aka GW
  2. Jim Nunn

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    At the risk of being a little off color, you know you are in to paper models when the term a “15 minute quickie†refers to a model build.

    Jim Nunn

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    LOL Jim,

    Thanks for pointing that out, I didnt realize it had gotten that bad LOL :lol:
    Well, at least I have this support group.
    I have been sitting here looking at this thing and thinking I may have to go abit more in depth, its a simple design with simple features, I may elaborate on some of the parts and see what I come up with.

    Tip for the day: One thing that should never be said while making love......."Maybe on second thought, we SHOULD turn out the lights". It tends to ruin the mood.

    Greg aka GW
  4. Darwin

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    Jim, just wait for the day that going home for a 15 min quickie means taking a nap.
  5. There is something about the condition of a person that comes out when they design something, then declare they are not a designer.
    What did you just do?
    What is there to deny about it?

    I bet you'd also deny a murder charge.
  6. wunwinglow

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    Errr, I am not sure if this is, um, funny. Or not.....

    Tim P

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    Howdy Guys,

    I just meant, despite your modleing past, concerning designs "new to you", anyone can build something from paper with the help of a little imagination and some photographs. You dont have to be a well know "commercial designer", some great work has been acheived by "rookies" in all fields of creativity.

    And as for that murder charge.......I was aquitted by a jury of my peers, I didnt do it, no one saw me do it, you cant prove nothin lol. j/j

  8. Murder is hilarious. Murderers are real comedians.
    Can't you tell what I find amusing by what I wear?

    Sitting there delivering sarcastic spite toward a people, by a means in which you become one of them... and essentially biting the hands that have fed you. ROFLMAO
    Sort of shooting yourself in the foot, while putting your foot in your mouth.
    One must start somewhere, though it could be faux pas to do so laughingly hypocritical.

    Ludicrously funny, though my necrological humor is rarely appreciated.

    Gotta go, I've got places to destroy, people to kill...
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    Greg, now that you are a designer, you really need to get to know a good vector drawing package! Paint progs are OK for fancy colour work, but if they have any vector drawing tools at all, they are usually very limited. There are lots of vector programs out there available for free, or maybe the cost of a computer magazine, but they will give you much better control over shapes. Not that the little Quail is bad! Heck, if you can do this with a paint program, you'll find vector work a revelation! I can recommend Coreldraw, but there are lots of others.

    Tim P

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Thanks Tim,

    This was just a quickie like I said, and I have the freeware version of meta and also another program called anim8or along with pepakura. But, I have trouble getting colors on the parts. Anim8or allows me to place colors on the parts but I just havent taken time to read the entire online pdf manual yet, its 100+pages. and meta, well no instructions there. I know you can wrap a project in pepakura, but, again, getting it to fit right seems to be my trouble and still requires me to perform the art work in my paint or photo editing program. I am gonna check out corel here in abit. I would like to make the quail abit more realistic instead of a "quickie" and I am looking at another, the "firebee drone" both are simple shapes, the fire bee is basically a drop tank shape with a jet engine cowling under the front 1/4 of the craft with 2 wings a vertical and 2 horizontal stabilizers. Since I was unable to do anything with the scud tel, I decided I would stick to simple shapes for awhile til I really get good at the programs, and I had a lapse and just did the quail in paint. anyway, thanks again I will check out corel here in a few minutes.

    Greg ak GW

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