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  1. spirtos

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    A year ago I built the 2004 Yamaha YZR M1 ridden by Valentino Rossi. It was my first card model (except for some paper helmets) and I enjoyed it very much. As I am a motogp fan I was excited when I saw that the 2005 M1 released in the Yamaha paper craft webpage. I was so excited that I actually built two of them , at the same time…adding some detail on them too...

    Yamaha celebrated their 50th anniversary in the US gp held in the Laguna Seca circuit.They also painted their motogp bikes in the yellow-black and white livery ,well known by the “King’s”-Kenny Roberts- Yamaha racers.Also in the last race of the 2005 motogp season Yamaha painted their bikes in the Yamaha-Japan racing colors.
    So I decided to build these two bikes, despite the fact that Valentino Rossi did not win on them.
    Deciding the colors was the easy part… :)


  2. spirtos

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    Since the model was released in the US gp livery I had to add Rossi’s and the sponsors’ decals to the one model , and completely repaint the other one. Since I had already built the 2004 M1 I knew I could improve the model in certain things. Lets see this extra work:
    -scratch-built tires.
    Tires have a round shape and these offered were not exactly round-shaped, so I designed them in a way to look more “real”.
    -scratch-built radiator.
    The model has just one part painted to look like a radiator but when you looked through the fairing holes you were watching to a white sheet of paper.
    -scratch-built rear-shock.
    This one is stuck in the swing-arm and it is not easy to see , but I just wanted to do it.
    -re-designed muffler and exhaust pipe.
    This one was easy, as I just made them shorter.
    -re-designed rear fender
    There is a triangle-shaped black mark in the E-13 part of the model.In the real bike there is a hole there and you can see the lower part of the fuel tank. It was easy to do and it looks good.
    -re-designed under cowl.
    It seemed to me that the model looked fat from the front, so I redesigned it to look slim.I think it was worth it.
    -re-designed fuel-tank and brake lines added (these were done only in the white-red bike)
    I only did this to make the fuel tank look like it was made of two parts (the front part in the real bike is actually a plastic part just covering the air box).

    Do you like them ?




  3. Willja67

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    Very nice designs and very clean builds. You certainly did a nice job on them.:)
  4. spirtos

    spirtos Member

    ..thank you ! ..I'm working on a stand now as I do not like very much the one I made with wire..
  5. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    I like what you did with the tyres. You might want to take a look at the R1 stand. Not so sure about the scale being an exact match but the desighn would look good...I think...:)Great builds
  6. hvp

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    i really like the red and white colored M1...good job
  7. venom_82

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    I really like the "valencia" white/red block pattern.. in fact i have a (real :mrgreen: ) Yamaha R1 with this livery :thumb: (slightly modified to adapt to the differences between M1 and R1).

    About the two model, really good job.. really interesting all extra work you did, especially tyres and the rear shock absorber.

  8. rdajunior95

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    The models are beautiful!

    Will you release them?
  9. venom_82

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    The two models are based on the M1 paper model released by yamaha.. i don't think its possible release this modified model without the permission of yamaha.

    would be much easier release an "how to modify" tutorial, with the instruction to build all the extra work by Spirtos.

    anyway, if you want the original model, without the modifications, you can download for free the M1 paper model (and other cool motorcycle like R1, YZ450 etc) in the Yamaha website, under the paper craft section.

    the link:


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