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  1. MilanX3

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    Good Day All,

    I have decided to update the downloads in the free download section for the following Simple paper models:

    Object 212: Added the full layout of the model with photos, approval pending.

    VK3001H: Added GroBturm/Grossturm parts in the photos section to build the alternate turret as seen in the pictures.

    VK3601H: Added photos of a built model with the original turret and a secondary turret. Also added 2nd Turret parts in photos section, based on the Tiger H2 Turret with detail options.

    VK2801: Added a picture of the completed model. Also added in the photos section the Track parts that were previously placed in as a separate download.

    I have also included the extra turret parts for the VK3001H and VK3601H and VK2801 tracks in this thread.

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  2. zathros

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    We Thank You. Upload Approved! :)
  3. MilanX3

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    Cheers Zath,

    I think you will like the new Object 212 model. I used the same method you and No suggested and took it from the game designs like I did with that VK2801, but used the original tracks. It turned out really nice, pictures as evidence!

    If anyone builds any of the VK models or the Object and wishes to post their finished model pics, it would be much appreciated.

    Any recolours or adjustments would also be welcomed, just please let me see them and download them so I can build them myself! :)

    Cheers all,

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