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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by dhanners, Apr 16, 2006.

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    I finally got off my butt and added some photos to my gallery of some launch vehicles. You'll find:

    * A line-up of Mercury-Redstone, Mercury-Atlas and Gemini-Titan;
    * A couple of shots of my version of the Delta 7 Studios Gemini VII, with added details;
    * A Proton K/Block DM;
    * Two shots of my scratchbuilt Delta IV EELV;
    * An Atlas IIAS
  2. dhanners

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    ...And even some more space-related subjects were added today. They include:

    * "Gemini Recovery" -- Heavily modified version of Delta 7 Studios' excellent "Gemini Splashdown" model. The modification includes adding the complete interior from D7S's "Gemini 4" model, building another open hatch, adding detail to the nose and scratchbuilding the flotation collar. The model is in 1/24th scale.

    * Dyna-Soar and transtage -- I found the Dyna-Soar online on a Japanese webiste a few years ago, While generally well-designed, the translation of the instructions made it easy to screw things up, and I found some parts of the vehicle that could be improved. I also added rivet detail and markings with Draw program in Word. The transtage was scratchbuilt. The model is in 1/48th scale.

    * Delta IV Medium(5,4) -- Scratchbuilt version of the medium version of Boeing's Delta IV launch vehicle, with four strap-on boosters. It is in 1/96th scale.
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    Rocket Launchers

    Hi dhanners,

    I would like to look at your improvements to the DynaSoar and the modifications of the Gemini capsule - could you provide a link, or a picture?

    best regards,

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