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    Happy holidays, all y'all....
    I stuck some photos of my Ares I in my gallery. It is scratchbuilt in 1/96th scale. Previously, I built a 1/144th-scale version, and it was of an early design of the CEV launch vehicle. This 1/96th-scale version incorporates many of the changes in the re-design, but I've recently heard from folks who tend to know these things that there may be yet another significant re-design on the way because the Service Module and Command Mondule
    are overweight. It all leads me to wonder if there were modelers in the early 1960s who kept scratchbuilding models of the various Apollo designs that were put forward but never wound up getting built in real life....

    Back to the model. It was built with my usual skin-on-tube construction method: I fabricate the rocket's outer skin and wrap those around cardboard model rocket tubes. I couldn't find a tube the right size for the RSRM, so I used a tube that was slightly larger, removed a lengthwise slice, glued the sides together with a butt joint and worked the tube until it was circular again. During construction, I made use of 13 different kinds of paper:
    -- regular white cardstock
    -- gray cardstock
    -- white text paper
    -- ivory text paper
    -- heavy white cardstock
    -- heavy black cardstock
    -- ridged white cardstock
    -- heavy corrugated card
    -- lighter-weight ridged paper
    -- glossy "coated" white text stock
    -- silver metallic paper
    -- "anthracite" metallic paper
    -- gold metallic paper

    Since the rocket is basically just tubes and truncated cones stuck in the right order, construction was pretty straghtforward. I used Robert Blaske's online shroud calculator to determine the dimensions of the various shrouds. There are four in all.

    Some other things I should note:
    * I replicated the orange Insta-Foam insulation on the lower section of the RSRM with orange twine;
    * Ridged paper was used to replicate the foam-covered second stage, and corrugated paper was used to replicate the interstage. It was painted with "Sloth Brown" from Model Masters' line of acrylic fantasy paints;
    * The systems tunnels on the RSRM and second stage were made with two piecs of quarter-round wood, glued together to form a hemispherical shape. That was then covered with paper.

    Happy Holidays!
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    Thanks for posting more photos of your beautiful work. You certainly have an eye for using different textures to detail your models. Do you get technical drawings for all for all of your scratch-builds or do you work by eye from photos? Using different papers to obtain different levels of reflectivity for added realism is a very good tip. Well done!
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    Thanks for the kind words. I use diagrams and photos or whatever I can dig up. I couldn't find any technical drawings of Ares I online (although there may well be some) so I just went from the artists' renderings on the NASA website, plus info on the RSRM that is already in use on the shuttle.

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