ACTRR my be dismantled and re-constructed

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  1. fifer

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    Well guys , a lot of progress has be made on the Albuquerque Carnuel and Tijeras Railroad. I have now completed the installation of the helix and lower staging yard and all seems to run well so far. The maximum train length on the ACT is and has been about 12 cars plus 2 to 4 locomotives (as dictated by the upper level sidings). We will now have a rule similar to ATSF that will dictate a minimum of 2 locomotives per train for power to incline and decline purposes in the district.
    Here is video # 33 and we hope you will take a look.


  2. fifer

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    Hello all and Happy New Year. I am moving along on the stage II of the ACTRR. I did a new video that explains the plan beyond the staging yard efforts.
    I hope you all take a look and enjoy.

  3. Doctor G

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    Nice Video

    The video looks very good. The iPad did a great job for filming.

    I am considering a short video of my On30 Haitian Sugar train.

    How much lighting did you use for your video with the iPad?? Was it just room light or did you use some spots??

    Thanks. Doc Tom:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  4. fifer

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    Thanks Tom , it was only room light but 8 tubes and daylight bulbs.
    Thanks , Mike

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