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    well, my point is that it probably could not chase down a small prey for very long, alligators and other reptiles build up a toxin that makes them rest when active, they have to shut down, an old alligator wrestler trick is to wear it out, and then when dormant, flip it over and rub its belly, to relieve the breathing problem.
    so its as big as a tree, cant run far, so probably stands there, still as a tree, and then a short burst ambush downward with its neck to strike the prey. so instead of dry grass like lioness's crawl in during a hunt, it would be far above the grasses. dark greens, browns, even sky blues, or a medium gray that to a black and white visional periscopic vegetarian sauropod, would look like a tree or rocks..... imho.
    I would imagine brown and dark green vertical stripes. since you asked what we wanted the color scheme to be, I thought I would say what I thought.
    I like the tiger, lion looking colors, and the model is fantastic.
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    your statetment is actually very precise. acrocanthosaurus did have a weak bite force, and fed mostly on sauropods. it was its teeth that was the true killing it would probably stand camouflaged in the trees(aka prehistoric fern) make a short burst at the unknowingly longneck and bite the vital arteries in the neck.
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    so vicious, a walking nightmare, I love dinosaurs!
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    This is an outstanding model.....Although, being a sculptor, I have to say that when you do a figure / animal like this,(And like when Jim did his King Kong!) it really should be considered a sculpture! It looks fantastic, can't wait to see it with textures :)
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    You rule!! :):thumb:
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    That is sometimes true, but recent genetic examinations, moving beyond morphologic, have supported many of the dinosaurs as a separate classification of which none have survived. There are some, gators for example, that have lived to present, but several of the many species grouped as 'dinosaurs' may have had less genetic connection that modern human to a chicken!

    Also, evolution is not the consistent, progressive path often assumed. The lottery affect creates long last species until their position is challenged, and evolved traits are not always based upon utility as much as chance.

    So this is an exceptional kit and we should enjoy it, as the actual creature's likeness and functionality may remain a mystery until we can analyze genetic encoding from some available tissue or bone marrow. Not impossible, but unlikely unless a specimen stumbled into a crevasse and was frozen in a northern or Antarctic ice flow, before the southern continent was made a wasteland...
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    took a break from the charcaradontosaur and designed his prey item. its called a tenontosaurus. this plant eater was 20 feet long and weighed up to a ton.
    a unique feature on this Dino is its tail, which double the length of its body. it uses it like a strong, sturdy whip to disorient the enemy, giving it a chance to escape.

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    That explains some "so-called people" I have met, and some of my in-lawsl :p:twisted:
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    I heard that the closest still living relative of the T-Rex was - the domestic chicken! :rolleyes:

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