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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Paragon, May 17, 2008.

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    Hey everyone, I'm currently building every starship class in the Federation (we'll see about that) in the 1/1900 scale. While I have found plenty of models, and have even helped design some (and will design more), there are some ships that I can't really touch: I don't have Pepakura Designer, and have no experience with it anyway.

    What I'd really be interested in building, however, is the non-canon Achilles-Class starship, from the game Dominion Wars. I'm hoping some kind soul will be interested in designing it. If necessary, I can help with the design once the parts are laid out in Pepakura.

    Two files are available for the Bridge Commander game:

    Achilles Class U.S.S. Vengeance, Bridge Commander Downloads, Bridge Commander The Outdated Abyss
    Achilles Class U.S.S. Vengeance, Bridge Commander Downloads, Bridge Commander Federation
  2. Paragon

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  3. shiftdel

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    This ship was already in my ever growing to do list, I do have a Star Fleet Command MOD file of it, the problem is to find time to work on so many projects.
  4. Paragon

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    What's a MOD file? Sorry, I don't know anything about this.

    If you can unfold it in Pepakura some, I might be able to help you design the model by consolidating parts in Photoshop.
  5. shiftdel

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    MOD is Starfleet Comander game file format for its models, I use to convert it to another editable format (3ds, lwo, etc).

    I didn't check the model in detail yet, but seems that it will need some cleaning before unfolding. The curvy and round shapes could also be a problem to unfold, but nothing of great concern, I think.

    I will look at it to see if I can do the basic cleaning; however, I have a lot of unfinished projects, and not much time to work on them.
  6. Paragon

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    Well please do so if you get the chance. If you can just unfold it in Pepakura once you've cleaned it up, I can try to help.

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